The 2nd Open Art Festival
in Sichuan, China Aug.2001
Pengshan County - Leshan - Chengdu
8--17 Aug.2001

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan), Skip Arnold (USA),Anita Cahill (Irland), CHEN Jin (P.R.China), DAI Guangyu (P.R.China) , Jozsef R. Juhosz (Slovakia), Miriam King (UK),Myriam Laplante (Canada), Eric Letourneau (Canada), Lennie Lee (UK), LEE Wen (Singapole), LI Qiang (P.R.China) ,System HM2T- Helge meyer & Marco Teubner (Germany),Despina Olbric-Marianou (Greece), Beate Roning (Germany),SHU Yang (P.R.China), SONG Yongxing (P.R.China), TIAN Liusha (P.R.China), YIN Xiafeng (P.R.China), YU Ji (P.R.China), ZHU Ming(P.R.China), ZHU Yu (P.R.China)

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The executive commitee
CHEN Jin, Director
ZHU Ming SHU Yang <>

12 Aug. 2001
Old brick factory at Pengshan
1. Despina Olbric-Marianou (Greece)
"I am standing in front of a great wall circle"
2. YU Ji (P.R.China)
"Play chinese music instrument"
3. SONG Yongxing (P.R.China)
4. ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Happy Japan!"
5. DAI Guangyu (P.R.China)
"White not enough"
6. Skip Arnold (USA)
"Cleaning in China"
7. Miriam King (UK) + Anita Cahill (Irland)
8. System HM2T- Helge meyer & Marco Teubner (Germany)
9. SHU Yang (P.R.China)
"Driving brick factory"
10. Eric Letourneau (Canada)
"Interconnectic liaisons#3"

13 Aug. 2001
Pengshan Hotel
11. TIAN Liusha (P.R.China)
"Money God TIAN Liusia from Guangzhou"
12. Myriam Laplante (Canada)
"Crying in Chaina"
13. LEE Wen (Singapole)
"Journey of yellow man No.15 : Touching China"
14. Beate Roning (Germany)
On the street at Pengshan county
15. ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Tourist #1- Revolt impossible" "Tourist #2 - Revolt unuseful"

14 Aug. 2001
Old brick factory at Pengshan
16.Anita Cahill (Irland)
"Dig 1 : Pengshan"
17. LI Qiang (P.R.China)
"Swab down No.2"
18. TIAN Liusha (P.R.China)
"Money God TIAN Liusia from Guangzhou"
19. Jozsef R. Juhosz (Slovakia)
"Open air biking"
20. YIN Xiafeng (P.R.China)
"Cultural relic exampler"
21. CHEN Jin (P.R.China)
"Straight go 1"

15 Aug. 2001
22. ZHU Yu (P.R.China) + Eric Letourneau (Canada)
23. SHU Yang (P.R.China)
24. Lennie Lee (UK) + TIAN Liusha (P.R.China)
"Cross cultural exchange"
25. LI Qiang (P.R.China)
"Sutra attitude"
26. System HM2T- Helge meyer & Marco Teubner (Germany)
"Into a land of milk and honey"
27. Eric Letourneau (Canada)
"A venir"
28. CHEN Jin (P.R.China)
"Straight go 2"
29. YIN Xiafeng (P.R.China)

16 Aug. 2001
30. Despina Olbric-Marianou (Greece)
"Never again"
31. ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan) + TIAN Liusha (P.R.China)
"Please take care of my wounds --3 days after the Japanese prime minister Koizumi went to Yasukuni Shrine"
32. Jozsef R. Juhosz (Slovakia)
"Underground biking"
33. ZHU Yu (P.R.China)
"Happy Easter"
34. LI Qiang (P.R.China)
"Cleaning No.2"
35. DAI Guangyu (P.R.China)
" 7' 23" "
36. Beate Roning (Germany)
"How to use electrycity and how much you have to pay"
37. YU Ji (P.R.China)
"Want to be a stowaway"
38. LEE Wen (Singapole) + System HM2T(Germany)
39. Lennie Lee (UK)
"To my sister Caro"
40. Eric Letourneau (Canada)
41. ZHU Ming (P.R.China)
"16 Aug. 2001

Now LEE Wen made "CHINA MOON" from this festival in video and DVD format.
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