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4 May 2006 in Toyama
WANG Chuyu (P.R.China)

WANG walks on 2 books about Article 9 of the Japan Constitution
that say we Japanese will not do war again.

WANG reads the book in his own making language.

WANG throws the paper airplane made by the book. to the audience.

Audience are supposed to do something according to the paper airplane (page of the book).

Wang Chuyu
Born in 1974 in Shaanxi Pro.
Currently lives in Beijing. Graduated from Shaanxi Arts Teacher School in 1993.
To be a professional artists since 1996.
Teach in Beijing Arts school since 2000.
Curating DaDao Live Art Festival since 2003.
Selected exhibitions:
'China Live', Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK/ Green Room, Manchester,
UK/ Baltic Arts Centre of Contemporary, Gatshead,
UK/ Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, UK/ Chapter Arts Centre, Caddiff,
UK/ Arnolfini Arts Centre, Bristol, UK/ Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry,
UK/ Colchester Arts Cnetre, Colchester,
UK/ V&A Museum, London, UK Flabbinessism,
Soka Gallery, Beijing
'Hong Kong Motion' international perfromance art festival, Hong Kong, 2005
2nd DaDao Live Art Festival, Jian Wai SOHO, Beijing, China
5th Open Art Festival, Beijing 'After Shopping' international perfromance event, Beijing
'Liverpool Live', Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, UK
'Shu Yang & Wang Chuyu', Hull, UK

'Transborder Language', 798 Arts District, Beijing
'Bluesky Exposure', Beijing 1st DaDao Live Art Festival, 798 Art District, Beijing

'Arts Attack', Hong Kong Culture Centre, Hong Kong
'China's New Photography', 2nd Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi Pro.
'Bridge', contemporary art exhibition, Changchun
'Langmarch', Yunnan, Guizhou
'Small Poster', private space, Beijing
'Constitution Reading', private Space, Beijing

Acting in film 'Beijing Suburb', Beijing
'Space 180', private Space, Beijing
'4th June 2001', private Space, Beijing
'Chinese Kongfu', private Space, Beijing
'Fuck Off' contemporary exhibition, Shanghai
'1st Open Art Festival', Beijing 'Animal Game' performance event, Changchun
'Beijing Contemporary Art Festival', Beijing
'Paintings from 1970s Generation', Wan Fung Gallery, Beijing
'Floating in the Air', Arts & Design Museum, Beijing
Solo performance: 'Pigeon Dinner', 'interview Electric Saw', 'Warmly Celebration', 'Seal up', Beijing
'10 Painters Exhibition', Richu Gallery, Beijing
Novel: 'Identity', 'Cold Snap' etc.

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