Wed Action #4 in Jogjakalta
SOLO ACTiON! in Solo,
Indonesia May 2004

4-6 May 2004
after The 2nd IAPAO meeting in Bandung

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Iwan Wijono(Indonesia), Vichukorn Tangpaiboon(Thailand), Mideo M.Cruz(Philippine), ARAI Shin-ichi(Japan),Paisan Plienbanchang(Thailand), Lumenation(Indonesia), Jade Dewi(Indonesia), Mella Jaarsma(Indonesia), Yoyo Yogasmana(Indonesia), Jill McDermid(USA), W.Christiawan(Indonesia), Ferial Affif(Indonesia), Ewon(Indonesia), Venzha(Indonesia), Andre Eric Letourneau(Canada), Doug McColeman(Canada), Yuswantoro Ad(Indonesia), Thanom Chapakdee(Thailand), Arahmaiani(Indonesia), Choiri(Indonesia)

The festival was organazed by
PerformanceKlub - Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF)
Director : Iwan Wijono
Jl.Tirtodipuran 3 Jogjakarta, Indonesia 55143
Tel: +62 274 376114
at Solo also
Suryo ART Studio

Wed Action #4 /4 May 2004,Jogjakalta

1.Iwan Wijono (Indonesia)
"Neo Pollock (when I had much softdrink, my urine theraphy didn't work, but the urine can use artistically for making kind of Pollocks' painting)"

2.Andre Eric Letourneau
"Standard II (3 minutes silent)"

3.Vichukorn Tangpaiboon (Thailand)
"Deadman Walking"

4.Mideo M.Cruz

5.ARAI Shin-ichi
"Viva! Globalisation-'Azinomoto'- on my mother's birthday"

6.Paisan Plienbanchang
"What A Fucking Thing You Do"

Lumenation (Indonesia) +Jade Dewi (Indonesia)

Wed Action #4 /5 May 2004,Jogjakalta

1.Mella Jaarsma
"Nyuwun Den..! (Give me please..!)"

2.Yoyo Yogasmana
"Trial Performance"

3.Jill McDermid
"American Girls' Tease"

"Should we Light our Heart when our spirit is Nothing"

5.Ferial Affif(Indonesia) + Ewon(Indonesia)
"Cross Culture"

"The Christ"

7.Andre Eric Letourneau
(Canada) + Doug McColeman (Canada)
"Almost Untitled"

8.Yuswantoro Adi

9.Arahmaiani + "Komunitas Minggiran"group
"Kawin Lapen / Wedding Party"

SOLO ACTiON! /6 may 2004, Solo

1.Mideo M.Cruz (Philippine)

2.Vichukorn Tangpaiboon
"Lastman Standing"

"Should we Light our Heart when our spirit is Nothing"

4.Choiri (Indonesia)
"Mulut Tai (Shitted Mouth)"

5.Yoyo Yogasmana
"Trial Performance"

6.Paisan Plienbanchang
"What A Fucking Thing You Do"

7.ARAI Shin-ichi
"Jun-ichiro Our prime minister"

8.Thanom Chapakdee
"The Last Supper"

9.Andre Eric Letourneau (Canada) + Arahmaiani (Indonesia)
"Letter for Pope"

10.Jill McDermid

11.Iwan Wijono

"Making Liquor not War"

-->The International Performance Art Festival
in Bandung, Indonesia April 2004


since 10 June 2004