Wed Action #4 in Jogjakalta
SOLO ACTiON! in Solo,
Indonesia May 2004

6 May 2004
ARAI Shin-ichi
"Jun-ichiro Our prime minister"

ARAI said
Our prime minister is Jun-ichiro Koizumi.
He likes President Bush very much.
2 years ago, he visited Bush and played catch with him. After catching ball President Bush gave him the jacket of baseball game. He was very happy like a boy who got a present from his father.
At that time some USA supercrat said "Japan should show the (Japanese) flag in Iraq" means Japanese army should come Iraq.
And now our amy stay in Iraq.

ARAI Shouted "Jun-ichiro!", "Jun-ichiro, What are you doing?" in Japanese

ARAI said
My father died 8 August 2002. He got the bowel cancer. 2 month he could not eat anything. He was drip-feeded. His last days he somtimes brought up bloods.
Last night I was with him, I went to wash his blood bowl. When I got back him, anoter blood bowl was full, so I went to wash it again. We continued these works for almost 2hours. In the bowl there were not only bloods also smelly carrions in spite of no foods.
At last when I came back to him, He was in bloods and carrions and went under.

ARAI again shouted "Jun-ichiro!", "Jun-ichiro, What are you doing?" in Japanese

He shouted "Jun-ichiro Show your flag for your Bush" again and again.

"Jun-ichiro! Show your flag for your Bush"

At Last he shouted
"Jun-ichiro! Show your ass hole for your Bush"
and dropped off Japanese passport.

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Jun-ichiro Our prime minister"