17+18 June 2002 "ARTS ATTACK"
Hong Kong Cultural Center Studio Theater

Feng Weidong (Beijing)

Feng Weidong (right/male) + Ko Siu Lan(left/female) collcted precious object of audience by forces.

After they put audience objects on the stage.

Also He did his performance at Symposium "What is PERFORMANCE Art ?" in Volkswagen Gallery
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17 June 2002
Yuen Kin-Leung (Hong Kong)
Nelson Hiu + Ling Lee (Hong Kong)
Wang Chuyu (Beijing)
Shu Yang (Beijing)
TANAKA Teruyuki (Tokyo)
Chen Shi Sen (Hong Kong) + audience
Kwok Mang Ho (Hong Kong) + audience

18 June 2002
TAKAHASHI Fumiko (Tokyo) + [Nelson Hiu and Ling Lee (Hong Kong)]
Wang Chuyu (Beijing)
ARAI Shin-ichi (Tokyo)
Kwok Mang Ho (Hong Kong) + Yuen Kin-Leung (Hong Kong) + audience
Hua Ji Ming (Beijing) + Nelson Hiu (Hong Kong)
Feng Weidong (Beijing) + [Ko Siu Lan(Hong Kong)]

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