4th week of 10th Open
International Performance Art Festival in Beijing,
China Aug. 2009

30 Aug. 2009

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)

"Viva Invasion!, Viva Pappets!"

ARAI put the Mao Tzetong portrait by Andy Wahol and the portrait of Hirohito(ex Emperor of Japan) with Micky Mouse in USA on the wall.

ARAI put portrait of "Pu Yi" on the board with big nails.
Pu Yi was the first and last Emperor of Manchukuo made by Japan on 1st March 1932.

ARAI wrote down 1932 3.1 by his head with red paint on the wall.

On 1st March 1932, a manifesto was promulgated announcing that Manchukuo
was founded in response to the unanimous aspirations of the 30,000,000
people living in Manchuria and Mongolia and on March 7th Mr. Pu Yi who
once ruled over the entire territory of China as the 12th Emperor of the
Ching Dynasty, consented to become the Chief Executive of Manchukuo.

1st March, 1932, The Government of Manchukuo
Declaration of the Foundation of Manchukuo (summary)
The foundation of Manchukuo lies on the idea that the public can live with peace of mind. Equal treatment and rights are guaranteed not only to each people of Manchuria, Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan living in this country, but also to any other people, who intend to reside in Manchukuo over long periods of time. In the past, this region was ruled by dark politics and ruined by the rampages of warlords and guerillas. Manchukuo has established law, abided by it, developed economy and enhanced education. In diplomacy, it emphasizes faith and seeks amity with other countries. At home it aims to be a state that sustains safe coexistence of the five peoples of Manchuria, Mongolia, China, Korea and Japan and embodies development. Under the splendid politics, Manchukuo will become a paradise on earth.

ARAI Showed the portrait of
Gyaincain Norbu who is "11th Panchen Lama" made by Chinese government.
and ARAI also put it on the board with big nails.

ARAI wrote down 1959 5.7 by his head with red paint on the wall.

The statement of Mao Tzetong on 7th May 1959,
Now it seemed that appeasing of the uprising was warmly welcomed by the majority of people in Tibet. The traitors,who were extremely away from the people, robbed the property of them everywhere for a living. Thus the majority supported the People’s Liberation Army to appease the uprising.
Suokang and Pala started the uprising. They made a mistake on estimating both the position and our policy to Tibet. Our policy, as you know, was not to innovate in the coming six years. And whether it needs to innovate after six years was according to the situation at that time. After we made this decision, we withdrew 30,000 troops in order to combine them together and make progress. However, they made use of the situation and organized the uprising started by the traitors from Xikang in Shannan.
The first purpose of them starting the uprising was to drive the Army away and intimidate us. They knew nothing about our policy and the power of the PLA. It took two days and two nights for only ten companies to appease the uprising in Lhasa, while four corps in Shannan. Now the PLA has added two and a half divisions, one in Shannan and another one in Changdu, the left half to protect the traffic system of Qingzang Line.

Also ARAI was born on 7th May 1959.

ARAI ran and crashed on the wall.

ARAI prayed 7 times in Tibetan buddhist style.

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Viva Invasion!, Viva Pappets!"

Petit Retrospective of ARAI Shin-ichi Works from 1999-2009
5-9 May 2009


"Viva Invasion" at Asiatopia 10 in Bangkok 08 Nov. 2008.