Petit Retrospective of ARAI Shin-ichi
Works from 1999-2009

840 BROADWAY, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY

5-9 May 2009

UNofficial web by ARAI Shin-ichi
*In this UNofficial web, I can only show you the performances which I could take pictures by myself.
Official web:

5 May 2009
ARAI Shin-ichi
"Viva! United States for Herbert Norman"

6 May 2009
ARAI Shin-ichi
"Viva! Invasion and Puppets"

7 May 2009
TANAKA Toshi (guest)

ARAI Shin-ichi
"Happy Japan!"

8 May 2009
ARAI Shin-ichi + Jill Mc Dermid
"Viva Globalization for TANAKA Mitsu"

9 May 2009
ARAI Shin-ichi + Jill Mc Dermid
"Arigatou Joseph Beuys, Thank you Josph Beuys"

After performances

CV of ARAI Shin-ichi

Arigatou Jill and Hoke whom I love.

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(from 18th May 2009)