Taiwan International
Performance Art Festival
6-7 March Taipei

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Taiwan International
Performance Art Festival
6-7 March Taipei

It looks only one consonant has changed when you heard NIPAF and TIPAF. But if we read it with sound, it is very fresh feeling. The change from NIPAF to TIPAF means not only cross over the border but also becoming absolutely different life body in the various relationship between another world. Moreover this life body breeds to some pure body actionism which over the styles of arts, images and words after 2000 The first meeting with Mr. Shimoda was the time of Body Phrase Festival which I organized in 9 years ago. During this 9 years, we are living in different countries but both facing difficulties and struggling in same kind of art circumstances Every time we meet each other, not only understanding each other same as family but also we are supporting and encouraging each other. Of course there is no absolute relationship in art. But it is also true the nihilistic lives could get positive power by this meeting.From NIPAF to TIPAF, gives us one bud of hope of surviving in this spoiled, bad smelling consumerism society. Therefore we'd like to carry on this action from NIPAF to TIPAF with such romanticism under hard situation.

Wang Mo-Lin

6 March 2000

Richard Martel(Canada)
Nao Bustamente(USA)
Seiji Shimoda(JAPAN)
Shin-ichi Arai(Japan)
Mari Tanikawa(Japan)
HU Min-Shan(Taiwan)

7 March 2000

Boris Nieslony(Germany)
Kazuhiro Nishizima(Japan)
Kaori Haba(Japan)
Mamiko Kawabata(Japan)
Yukio Saegusa(Japan)


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