DATE OF BIRTH 06 07 1953
C.V.1970 Started to write poems in Nagano, High School student movement time /75 Started art, experimental theater, performance art in Osaka City Univ. /77 Started domestic performance tour in Japan based in Tokyo /79 100 performances at Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo. /80 Published Poetry book Coffee shop with 99 poems /82 Had many performances in Paris during 3 months stay. /87 Started Western European countries tour. /After this, he was invited over 100 international art festivals in 30 countries Including Western, Central Europe, Asia. North & Central America In Japan, he organised several art festivals during 80s and started NIPAF since 93 and started Asian Series + Summer Seminar since 96 /99 Performed in Korea, Switzerland, China. Philippines, Myanmar, Italy, U S A., Poland, Germany, Finland, Austria and Spain Organised NIPAF Japanese Artists' tour In 10 cities in U S.A , Poland, Philippines, Germany and Spain


CONCEPT : I pray to God for my own prosperity instead of the eternity of mankind. I stick on the thick skin of the planet earth and look up dowdy solitude.

DATE OF BIRTH : 20.2.1960
C.V. : <recent solo works>
1999 Turn me around Sandmierz, BWA Lublin. Pod Jaszczuzami/Krakow, Poland (NIPAF Poland tour) Manira, Philipine (PIPAF#1 ) /99 Eros of a homey pigeon Theator X, Tokyo Japan (MMAC festival) /99 Neither music nor sound The Okurayama Memorial Hall, Yokohama, Japan (self organized) /98 Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die The Okurayama Memorial Hall (self organized)
<recent group works as The force of job sites> /99 The chirdren of HINOMARU Tokyo, Japan (Perspective Emotion #2) /99 (born to) fare-well to the planet earth Tokyo, Japan(NIPAF KIDS#1 ) / Eureka, USA (NIPAF USA tour) /99 A decade of the glory Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Japan (NIPAF#6)/ NewYork, USA (NIPAF USA tour)


DATE OF BIRTH : 16.11.1972
1997 NIPAF 97(Tokyo/Hiroshima/ Nagano) The 2nd Asian Performance Art Series(Tokyo) TRANS ART COMMUNICATION (SLOVAKIA/HUNGARY)
1998 The 3rd Asian Performance Art Series (Tokyo /Nagoya /Nagano) RANDOM PULSE (SOKO Gallery)
1999 NIPAF 99 (Tokyo/Nagano/Matumoto/Osaka/ Nagoya) WHITE HEAT4(Kanagawa) Ma liu Ming produce performance(Beijin) One-person Exhibition(Harajuku Gallery) The 4rd Asian Performance Art Series(Tokyo/Nagoya/Nagano) BIENNALE 1 ATAMI 1999(Atami) NIPAF USA Poland tour(San Francisco/New York/Poland) PIPAF(Philippine) NIPAF Dresden Valencia tour(Germany/Spain)
TITLE : Kiss me please
: I am not an Artist.I am a sex worker.

HABA Kaori

DATE OF BIRTH: 1959.8 8
C.V. 1982 Graduated from Hokkaido National University, Department of Japanese History 1983-85 Worked at Hokkaido Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art /96- Be Working as a lessoner of art for children in Nagano /99 NIPAF Kids +(plus) (Tokyo) NIPAF in Poland (Sandomierz/ Lublin/ Krakow) The memory of Asia
1999 A proposer of Art Plus, a citizens' group which support activities of modern art in Nagano
TITLE : Transmitter
: A ceremony for bearing a transmitter of modern history of Asia


DATE OF BIRTH : 20.12.1952
C.V. : We had done intermittent activities adjacent to happenings or performance since 70's. These activities were not clearly named in those days, but we began to use the word "TAIGEN (appearance in body)" in 1988 and started the group "TAIGEN SHUDAN,AETTA". Since then we have continued various solo performances and group performances under that name. To us "TAIGEN" is different from so-called performance art as the modern artistic expression wide open to public ; rather it is the individual journey to the ground far from our oppressive illusion called "expression". TAIGEN : [Think about "proto-memory"]
CONCEPT : Think about "proto-memory" that is far older than we were born on the earth. I don't know whether it exists or not, but supposing it I try to devote my body to our earliest experiences or sub-consciousness that seems the nearest doorway to the "proto-memory". It is not because I want to take a glance at my/our subconsciousness, but because I want to mediate on whether I can correspond with my/our inner deep space beyond which the "proto-memory" possibly exists or not, I wonder if it might "exists" in my/our nearest daily life, or otherwise --.


DATE OF BIRTH : 07.06.1974
C.V. : 1993 Entered Nagoya Art University in picture course, completed in 1997.
1995 First exhibited the painting in the group exhibition "Eggs". After exhibited "My holy area" (vol.7) with the sound of daily life and clock. This work is the picture diary which I wrote for several years about the violence and the mold of the character.
1998 Joined to NIPAF as a staff.
1999 As influenced by NIPAF, performed on NIPAF KIDS in Sep., and PIPAF in Dec.
TITLE : Life in the cage
CONCEPT : Since we were born, our deed have formed philosophically.

ARAI Shin-ichi

TITLE : Happy Japan!
: Red paint, canvas, "Kimi ga Yo" (national anthem of Emperor era), [Happy (Emperor) family slides]
[The uniform of Japan Overseas Cooperate Volunteers like U S peace corp] As a volunteer I lived Zanzibar, Tanzania from '92 to '94 and I taught wood block printing to Zanzibar young artists at the art school of Nyumba ya Sanaa, Zanzibar. Before I went to Tanzania, All members of Japan Overseas Cooperate Volunteers had to meet the Emperor who is the president of the organization In Tanzania l had a lot of girl friend who loved my money.
[The comic book "What is a patriotic war?"] The comic book's author, KOBAYASHI Yoshinori says "There were no Korean or E A women sex slaves in the Japanese Emperor army They were only commercial prostitutes "More than half a million people bought this book and almost all of them are under 30

DATE OF BIRTH : 07 May 1959
1982 "sound"&"voice"&"language"
1983 "Heavenly injection afternoon"Akagi Electric(+SAEGUSA Yukio etc)
1984 "Flirting gristle 2"+TANAKA Toshi
1986 "for Basement of Keio Univ." Kroitzfeld Jakob (+KUWAHARA Masahiko +TANIKAWA Mari)
1987 "for Basement of A-Mike, NYC "The Force of job sites= FJ (+SAEGUSA)
1988 "Sun flower, Hiroshima, Not for Deadly Emperor" +SONODA Satoshi
1989 "The shit for Emperor funeral"+SONODA
1990 "Infant minds" (+KUWAHARA, TANAKA,SAEGUSA, YANAKA Masanori)
1991 "for The wanderer with his shadow" FJ(+SAEGUSA+TANIKAWA)
1995 "50years after losing the war", "A imagination from end of life" FJ(+SAEGUSA)
1996 "The labor of dream, The dream of labor" Happy-Lucky Stories (+SAEGUSA +TANIKAWA+SUZUKI Takeo)
1997-98 "Tribe conflict--Majority vs. Minority "
1999 "Happy Japan! Happy family!"


DATE OF BIRTH : 17.02.1963
C.V. : 1963 Born in Mie Prefecture. /73 Joined a music club at the elemental school. Sang alone for the whole school. Song title was "DOJYOKKO-DANO, FUNAKKO-DANO (The various fishes in the river)". /84 Moved to Tokyo. Joined the 10 minutes solo performance festival (Shimoda Seiji produced). Carried out over 30 performances from this year to 1992. /92 Moved to Shizuoka Prefecture. Worked at several food industries during studied modern dance. /96 Moved to Tokyo, again. Joined the private art seminar "The hill of The Mirute" and the experimental performing art group "Fuku-Fuku monogatari" (Happy-Lucky Stories). /98 I just fresh my solo-performance"JAMILA-B" - in The Art Birthdays' Memory Plan (Oikawa Hironobu produced) "MUD CHILD JAMILA" - self produced "HARETA HINOKUNIYA" - Asia Performance Art Series (NIPAF) / 99"MARINE - on the rabbits' hutch" - NIPAF 99 "The afternoon of the rabbits' hutch" - Self project "I LOVE JAPAN, JAPAN LOVE ME" Theater KANOKOTO participation "Song for the battered life" -NIPAF KIDS / NIPAF Poland tour "A GREEN RABBIT - one song, one animal" - Perspective Emotion #2
CONCEPT : A strange person wishes to be alive and to be creative. "YOKKANAI BENATAN" means myself and also means a name of person in myth.


DATE OF BIRTH 29.05.1973
C.V. : Studied philosophy.1998 "Un certain regard sur les mythes asiatiques" (Quebec/Canada) "Parlez-moi d'Amour!" (Montreal/ Canada) /99 "NIPAF KIDS+" (Tokyo/Japan)
TITLE : nuance
: The things to discribe the form of love


C.V. : When I was Art University Student (around 1997), I was interested in dancing and performing. And I joined some events. After graduated univ. I make a movie yearly, and appear as a performance on the stage.
TITLE : everyday I (Nagano) everyday II (Nagoya) everyday III (Tokyo)

AKAHANE Shinsuke

DATE OF BIRTH : 10.08.1974
C.V.: 1997 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Law course. / 98 Entered Ritsumeikan University, Japanese literature course. /99 Started performance art in NIPAF Kids Plus (Tokyo).
TITLE : A retired life in 2000 (Who did die by attempted suicide?)
CONCEPT : Confirming "my" various "selves"


DATE OF BIRTH : 20.12.1966
C.V. : 1996 Sound and Action in 60's in Japan (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo), Genzon Hyougen '96 NIPAF New Artist Festival /97 "Now and Here" -self produced (Tokyo), NIPAF '97, "Live Art" (Tokyo), "Yanaka" -self produced (Tokyo), The 2nd Asian Performance Art Series, Genzon Hyougen '97 /98 WHITE HEAT (Yokohama), NIPAF '98, The 3rd Asian Performance Art Series. Collaborated three times with a musician Horiuchi Michihiko. /99 NIPAF '99, "What You See"-self produced (Tokyo), The 4th Asian Performance Art Series, NIPAF Kids Plus/2000 Started "Monthly Murai Gen". Participate in a CD "tokyo species"
TITLE : Shindeiru Idenshi (Dead Genes)
CONCEPT : A way to relate to time and space


DATE OF BIRTH : 04.03.1931
C.V. :
1938 Although I was only a child, I decided to be an artist, and studied under Yotchan, a picture story teller,
1945 After the World War II I was involved in avant-garde arts, dances and something conceived liberally.
1953 I wandered the bottom of the social ladder, mainly around Sanya, performing beggar with Kamechan and others.
1954 I associated with Tagawa Suiho, a performer and comic strippist in the Taisho period.
1988 I was found by Donchan, a butohist and Mr. Kogawa Tetsuo, a media critic.
TITLE : Chinpunkanpun
: Freedom and Rebellion


DATE OF BIRTH : 17.03.1956
C.V. : Artist. Performance artist. Arthoropologist (named by Australian journalist RODNEY O'BRIEN who made the word from "Antholopologist" in his article about MARUYAMA in 1989.) MARUYAMA has expressed through various media such as installation, performance, video, photograph and so on, since 1 979 when he studied at Tokyo University of Fine Arts. He started performance art in 1 982, that was "Land of Information" at Plan-B (Tokyo). He has shown works about 70 times, some of which were entitled "On the Map", "Our Whereabouts", "Faraway, so close" and "Transition" in various parts of Japan and many foreign countries.
TITLE : "Transitinon"
: "The very moment" that appears when artist ranges between human "memory" and "premonition".

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