June Art Action Live Art + Music
in Hong Kong, China June 2005

3--4 June 2005

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan) + TAKEDA Ken-ichi (Japan)
"Tourist #8 International"

ARAI said
Almost 4 years ago Japanese diet decided what are Japanese flag and Japanese anthem in the law. Before there was no law for Japanese flag and the national anthem. Now in some school like graduation, People should show Japanese flag and sing the national anthem. And sometimes teachers and students who do not like to respect the flag and sing the national anthem in the ceremony are punished by the director because of the law now.
Before there was some agreement among people with Japanese flag was symbol of militarism and the anthem celebrate the Emperor in spite of they agree or not.

ARAI took off his clothes, keeping only a small yellow Pikachu Pokemon fig leaf on his genitals, and squats on a canvas. While singing the Japanese national anthem "Kimi-ga-Yo means Our superior@Emperor regime", he presses a plastic tube containing red paint from just below his buttocks, as if excreting red human waste.
and TAKEDA played "the Japanese national anthem" by Taisho harp

Using his bare buttocks on the "waste." he paints a full but irregular rising sun in the middle of the canvas that turns out to be a copy of the Japanese national flag, which he later hangs on the wall.

After hanging it on the wall, ARAI was singing "International" in Japanese and using his head to try making red paint all over the canvas.
and TAKEDA played "International" by Taisho harp

Almost last moment of performance, a security guard came and tried to stop the performance.

At last the canvas became a awkward copy of Red flag.

A small board (left) is a big copy of "People's Daily" on 5th June 1989 which newspaper is ran by People republic of China.
The "People's Daily" on 5th June 1989 said
"Yesterday Peoples Army of martial law suppressed riot of counter-revolutionists in Tiananmen Square."

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan) + TAKEDA Ken-ichi (Japan)
"Tourist #8 International"

TAKEDA Ken-ichi is a musician, he founded "Study Group" together with Ryuichi SAKAMOTO to perform improvisational music experiment. He has performed extensively in Japan and overseas through Asia-Meets-Asia.

TAKEDA Ken-ichi website (his group "A-MUSIK") http://am.jungle-jp.com/
http://am.jungle-jp.com/scores/index.html Here you can get almost of all his/their music of MP3 file in public domain.

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