"Birds Migration"
in Jakarta, Indonesia

8 Dec. 2006
Sophia Natasha Wei (Singapore)
"migration of the soul"

Sophia Natasha Wei (Singapore)

Sophia Natasha Wei Junhao
"migration of the soul"
Art often takes an interest in questioning and investigating onefs own history through traditions and customs. A typical Chinese funerary procession includes the wailing of the mourners around the coffin with yellow and white eholyf papers are pasted on the coffin to protect the body being disturbed by malign spirits. During the procession. a white piece of cloth is tied to vehicles accompanying the hearse. A long, lit joss stick is held throughout the journey, symbolising the soul of the deceased, and is relit immediately if it goes out. Occasionally paper models of objects like cars, statues ships etc. are carried with the procession symbolising the wealth of the deceasedfs family. The burning of such objects discloses the notion of a relation between the living and the life after. If the procession needs to cross water, the deceased must be informed that the cortege is to cross it, as it is believed that if not informed, the soul of the dead will not be able to cross the water. My performance deals with the pervasive investigation of such rigid and interesting customs which perhaps do not need much of profound explanation, and its intrinsic relation to my present as a Chinese Christian. As the circle of life evolves along humanityfs sensitivity and responsibilities, our present is estranged yet ennobled by the history formed by such customs which represents nothing much more than a certainty of death that transcends through the cursed gift of time.

2006 National Institute of Education (Bachelor of Art (Education) - Secondary)
2005 National Institute of Education (Diploma in Art Education Specialization)
2004 LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts (Diploma in Fine Arts, Jewellery and Metalsmithing
2000 National Junior College eAf leve

EPISODE5/The Artists Village 12 Hr Timeshow: Performance, video and sound festival/Artist-run spaces/Performance and Organizer
Teck Whye Secondary School SHOWCASE Art and Design Exhibition/The National Library
Opening Performance at Chng Seok Tinfs Exhibition / Collaboration with Andree Weschler / Telok Kurau Gallery
100 tents fundraising project (for Yojakarta earthquake) / Your Mother Gallery
gI never get to exhibit my work hereh/ Opening Performance / gThis is an Excueh NIE Graduation show / Utterly Art Gallery
gHeal the Rift between Ush/Performance Collaboration with Juliana Yasin / Fetterfield Performance Art Event/ NAFA main foyer
gHeal the Rift between Ush/ Performance Collaboration with Juliana Yasin / M1 Fringe Festival / Esplanade
gStand Behind the Yelow Lineh/ Fine Art Group Exhibition / Utterly Art
Silent Dialogue with Bottles / Performance / Collaboraion with Sabrina Koh/NAFA main Foyer
Help Paint a Prettier Picture/Show for Katrina Benefit/ Your Mother Gallery
Ngee Ann 2nd 3D Art Exhibition/ Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Teochew Building
ARTSingapore/ Suntec Convention Centre Singapore Art Show ? Open Section/ SMU ? Li Ka-shing Library Foyer
Mail Art/Instinct Gallery/Collaboration with Warren Khong
Postcard Pameran/La Liberia Galleria/ 100 Invited Artists Postcard Exhibition
Ring around The Rosies/Your Mother Gallery/A group exhibition by The Artists Viallage Opening performance by Natasha Wei (gSpirit of youth, colors that bleedh)
StopOver (gVictimisedh-Frontroom gallery performance event-a meeting of Singapore and Japanese performance artists
Live Art at Sudio 19 (gCollecting soundsh-on-going process by local performance artists to develop performance art and related activities in Singapore)
CHIJ Arts Fest (gFace as a canvash-performance art-collaboration with Juliana YasingLove Actuallyh Art Exhition Yusof Ishak Secondary School Art Gallery Friendship Day Celebrations
gCircle of Lifeh Art Exhibition/Epsite-Epson Imaging Gallery Ngee Ann 3D Art Exhibition/Ngee Ann Cultural Centre
Choco the lion does not live in the night safari/28th Diploma in Fine Art Graduation
Passionova/Centro @ One Fullerton, Singapore/LASALLE-SIA Photography Exhibition
Moving On/Alliance Franchaise Gallery/EPIP Fine Art Competition
Made in Singapore/Collaboration with STRANGE by Andre/Art Seasons Gallery

2006 Rotary Club International 75th Anniversary Gold Medal Award
2004 EPIP Fine Art Competition /Third Prize
2002 Groundworks II, The Return/Foundation Exhibition/Runner-up

2000-2006 Singapore Kityang Huay Kwan Scholarship Award
2003-2004 Bukit Batok Citizensf Consultative Committee Scholarship Award

Other Activities/Employment History
Tupada Xingapore / Philippines Performance Artists Exchange / Wunderzspace
Performance Art Workshop / World Prime / Dance Studio-The Substation
Interview with Professors from Hongkong Baptist University/NIE
Speaker at Vignettes-Visual Arts Education Forum ./ Teaching Performance Art in the Secondary School / NAFA, Lee Foundation Theatre
Whampoa Estate Community Penetration Project / Brighton Community Church
Published Article gContemporary Art and Its Trajectoryh/ Sentap! Magazine Visual Arts Magazine
Fetterfield Performance Art Event/ Assistant Art Director
The Artists Village / President
Published Interview by Dawn Fung / CreateLeVoyage Magazine
Jolly Art Workshop Instructor / CityLink Mall, Esplanade Theatre Link / Conducted By TickleArts
Performance Art Workshop Assistant/ by Tang Da Wu/ LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts
Jewellery Workshop Assistant Instructor/ Telok Blangah North Community Center
Una Voce 24HR Sound Art Festival/ The Substation, Singapore/ Crew
gRuberh/Short Film by Meow Productions
The Artists Village/ Committee Member
Retro Specks Future Pix/ Exhibition by Gilles Massot/Sculpture Square,
Future of Imagination II International Performance Art Event/ Sculpture Square/ Volunteer
Everything But./ The Esplanade-Theatres on the bay/Backdrop assistant to Dahlia Osman
Lord Of the Ring Exhibition/ Science Centre, Singapore/Object handler

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