Artists in Action
the Power of the PowerLess!

in Hong Kong, China Dec. 2005
10--17 Dec. 2005

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The fourth Move of the Hong Kong On the Move project, series of performances, workshop and talk will be held before and during the WTO Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.
Joining hands with People from across the globe, the artists are here to say- Power to the PowerLess!.

(Japan), Dai Gwangyu (China), Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand), Mideo Cruz (Philippines),ARAI Shin-ichi(Japan), Kith Tsang Tak Ping(Hong Kong), Ko Siu Lan(Hong Kong), San Mu(Hong Kong), Leung Lik(Hong Kong), Mok Chiu Yu(Hong Kong), Project 226(Hong Kong), yuenjie(Hong Kong), Leung Wai Man + Pong Yat Ming + Ah Tung(Hong Kong), Kwok Mang Ho/Frog King (Hong Kong)

Presented by: Asian Peoplefs Theatre Festival Society
Art and Culture Outreach, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Habitus Design Space, Hong Kong Peoplefs Alliance.
We would like to acknowledge
the Asia Art Archive for its support in research and documentation of the project
Poster design by
Mideo Cruz
Graphic design by
Alice Chiu-thenaction
Chinese Translation by:
Pong Yat Ming.

10 December 2005
4-6 pm at Habitus Design Space

1.Artists Talk by Chumpon Apisuk(Thailand) and Mideo Cruz(Philippines) gArtists In Social Movementh
2.Kwok Mang Ho/Frog King (Hong Kong)

11 December 2005
3-11 pm at Victoria Park
Hong Kong Peoplefs Alliance Cultural Festival against WTO Negotiation

1.Dai Gwangyu (China)

2.Chumpon Apisuk
3.yuenjie (Hong Kong)
"Cup Noodle"
4.SAEGUSA Yukio (Japan)
5.San Mu (Hong Kong)
6.Mideo Cruz (Philippines)
7.Leung Wai Man + Pong Yat Ming + Ah Tung (Hong Kong)
8.Kith Tsang Tak Ping (Hong Kong)
9.Leung Lik (Hong Kong)
10.Mok Chiu Yu (Hong Kong)
11.ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Happy WTO!"

12 December 2005
8-12 pm at Habitus Design Space

1.Lenny Kwok and his friend (Hong Kong)
2.San Mu (Hong Kong)
3.Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)
4.Lenny Kwok and his friend (Hong Kong)
5.Mideo Cruz (Philippines)
"The Hoax Cruzader Series"
6.SAEGUSA Yukio (Japan)
7.Dai Gwangyu (China)
9.ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Viva! Globalisation"

13 December 2005
Exhibition Hall, Sheung Wan Civic Center
Work shop by Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)

17 December 2005
Peoplefs CARAVAN for Justice and Sovereignty against WTO Negotiation by opentop bus

1.Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)
"WTO Monster"

2.Mideo Cruz
"The Hoax Cruzader Series"
3.ARAI Shin-ichi(Japan)
"Happy WTO!"
4.Leung Lik (Hong Kong)

I would like to say many many thanks to
Robin and Mokchai

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