FOI3: Future of Imagination 3
in Singapore April 2006
13 April 2006
Shu Yang (China)

"Where have I been after 4th June 1989?"

Shu Yang (China)

Shu Yang
b.1969 Xian, China

Shu Yang is a theater practitioner, artist, writer, editor and independent curator based in Beijing. In 2000 he helped initiate and organized Open Art Festival and has been directing the DaDao Live Art Festival since 2003. He was a guest lecturer on art history in Art & Design Academy of North China University of Technology in Beijing from 2000 to 2003.
He worked as executive editor of Chinese contemporary art magazine "Next Wave" in 2001. Participated as independent curator of China-UK Arts Management Placement Programme at Visiting Art in London and Chapter Art Centre in Oardiff in 2003. He has been a member of Independent Chinese Pen Centre since 2004.
His performances often use iconic Chinese objects to draw audiences into explorations of communism, socialism and the current social situation in China. In 2004 he undertook an artist residency programme "Breathe" at Chinese Arts Centre In Manchester He co- curated "China Live 2005" presenting Chinese performance artists in various cities in UK.

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