Cardiff Art in Time
15th March 2007

ARAI Shin-ichi [JAPAN]
"Arigatou Joseph Beuys - Thank you Joseph Beuys"

ARAI said
When I was an art student, Joseph Beuys came to Japan for his big exhibition in Tokyo.
Also he had some lectures.
I atttended one his lecture among a huge audience.
After lecture many audience members wanted to get his signature. I also was in line with them.
At last I got his signeture on my bag and was very happy!
Those days we disucussed very much that how we could make
new art which could revolt our society like Joseph Beuys

In those days I met KONISHI Yasu. He studied under Joseph Beuys in Germany, and did performances one of that they cleand up street on May day in east Berlin with Joseph Beuys.
Also he did performance in Tokyo that he went to galleries and made a sissy on the floor every week.
So he was well known and most artists hated him very much. Pepole thought he was a gonzo.
These days I forget Joseph Beuys. Now for me he is not so important like student days.

Last year I visited my Chinese artist friend in Beijing whom I respect very much and found a paperback book about Joseph Beuys in Chinese at his book shelf.

Tanya(right) spread butter and honey on 24 photo copies of Joseph Beuys works from "Leve Sieht Beuys."
ARAI took one piece of them by chopsticks. And he put it with soy sauce and wasabi of Japanese horseradish.
And put it in his mouth.
And said "Arigatou, Joseph Beuys" means "Thank you, Joseph Beuys" with Japanese style bow.
ARAI also wrote down important words of Joseph Beuys like "honey" in Japnese characters (not Chinese characters) on the black boad.
After 24 pieces inside his mouth and 24 bowings, ARAI could not continue.
So he stopped his doing.

ARAI Shin-ichi [JAPAN]
"Arigatou Joseph Beuys - Thank you Joseph Beuys"

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