Cardiff Art In Time
International PRRR-formance Art
in Cardiff, UK
14th-17th March 2007

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*In this UNofficial web, I can only show you the performances which I could take pictures by myself.
And I also could not see any performances on 17th because of backing to Tokyo.

Roddy Hunter [UK], Sinead O'Donnell [UK], Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell [UK], Jeffrey Bird [USA], Eddie Ladd [UK],ARAI Shin-ichi [Japan], Paul Granjon [France], Eve Dent [UK], Kira O'Reilly [UK], Matt Cook [UK], Paul Hurley [UK], Alastair MacLennan [N. Ireland], Phil Babot [UK], Kim Simons [UK], Tim Bromage [UK], Richard Dedominici [UK], Robin Deacon [UK], Jamie McMurry [USA], Jacuzzi Junta [UK], The Panacea Society (Matt Cook+Andre Stitt) [UK] , Shaun Caton [UK], Ointment [UK], Julie Andree T [Canada], Anne Bean [UK], Gustav Uto [Romania], Julian Blaine [France], Clemente Padin [Uruguay], The Heavy Quartet [UK] ,etc

From Organizers
Cardiff Art In Time, affectionately known as the 'CAT Show', revives one of the seminal art festivals of the 1990s with an international programme of time-based art, curated, produced and directed by TRACE Install-ActionArtspace, Cardiff.
The event takes place at TRACE, CSAD [Cardiff Schoolof Art & Design, UWIC], the National Museum of Wales and Cardiff City Centre locations.

Cardiff Art In Time features live presentations by some of the foremost performance artists working in the world today,
including: Julie Andree T. [Canada]; Eddie Ladd [UK]; Arai Shin-ichi [Japan]; Paul Granjon [France]; Alastair Maclennan [N. Ireland];
JamieMcMurry [USA]; Shaun Caton [UK]; Ointment [UK]; Anne Bean [UK]; Gustav Uto [Romania]; Julian Blaine [France]; Clemente Padin [Uruguay]

Cardiff Art In Time's 'Alumni programme' welcomes back to Cardiff its successful
Time Based Art graduates from the Cardiff School of Art, now established, internationally recognised artists:
Eve Dent; Kira O'Reilly; Matt Cook; Paul Hurley; Kim Simons; Tim Bromage; Richard Dedomenici; Robin Deacon

Cardiff Art In Time is accompanied by lectures and conversations (featuring Roddy Hunter, Phil Babot and Anthony Howell), a student programme selected from art schools in the UK and abroad and nightly music events.

A special exhibition of archival materials, entitled 'Traces',examining performance art residues, temporal objects, documentation andephemera, will be running concurrently at the Howard Gardens Gallery,CSAD (open daily throught the event).

Installaction artspace
26 Moira Place
Cardiff CF24 0ET

WED. 14th March 07

Roddy Hunter [UK]
-Lecture Programme & Book Launch -

Sinead O'Donnell [UK]

Jeffrey Bird [USA]

Eddie Ladd [UK]
"Sawn-off Scarface - Scarface bach"

ARAI Shin-ichi
"Happy Japan!"

Paul Granjon [France]
"Solid State No Logic"

THURS. 15th March 07

Eve Dent [UK]
"Anchor Series"

Kira O'Reilly [UK]
"Quiver (Pieta Performance)

Matt Cook [UK]
"Guerilla Gameshow"
Part radical training exercise, part interactive quiz and part audio installation, Matt Cook will ask audience members to assist in using everyday means in a contest that will lead to the destruction of cross Atlantic paper aeroplanes.

Paul Hurley [UK]
"Love Lecture"

"What's Welsh For Performance? Beth yw 'performance' yn Gymraeg?"- with Anthony Howell
(SHIFTwork Research Group presentation)
An illustrated conversation with Anthony Howell
Conducted by Dr Heike Roms [University of Wales Aberystwyth]
Anthony Howell was head of Time Based Art at CSAD until 1999.
During that time he was editor of the influential video magazine Grey Suit and director of Theatre of Mistakes. He was also the initiator and director of Cardiff Art In Time, The CAT Show. He is a poet, novelist and performance artist, whose work has been presented worldwide at sites including the Tate Gallery and the Sydney Biennale.

ARAI Shin-ichi [JAPAN]
"Arigatou Joseph Beuys - Thank you Joseph Beuys"

FRI. 16th March 07

Alastair MacLennan [N. Ireland]

Sinead Bhreathnach Cashell [UK]

Kim Simons [UK]
"Seen: Not Heard"

Phil Babot [UK]
Lecture Programme -"
Technicians of Ecstasy"

Tim Bromage [UK]
Part of an experimental body of work exploring notions of grief, penance
and the use of magic as symbolic demonstration. Contrasting genuine
physicality with elements of deception, the performance makes reference to
biblical verse and personal experience.

Richard Dedominici [UK]

Robin Deacon [UK]
"Stuart Sherman"

As series of re-enacted performances by the late American artist

Jamie McMurry [USA]

Jacuzzi Junta

The Panacea Society (Matt Cook+Andre Stitt) [UK]

SAT. 17th March 07

Shaun Caton [UK]
"...once removed..."
'once removed...' refers to the act of performance as a stylised and symbolic ritual of self imposed displacement, permitting metaphysical contemplation and creative interaction with the immediate environment of the gallery space.  The performance is a living synthesis and crystallization of images and themes from earlier works made in the 1980's - 90's that may become recycled and re-examined.
Shaun Caton stopped making performances in 2000 after approximately 15 years of active involvement in the international performance art arena. He has presented some 200 live performances worldwide. This specially created new work for Trace is his first live performance for 7 years.
Ointment [UK]
Ointment is an itinerant collective of artists working in live and interdisciplinary art practices based in West Wales. They will perform a collective work made in situ. The work will respond to the environs of the building and migrate through it over one day, leaving marks and residue.
Julie Andree T [Canada]
"Not Water Proof"
The performance is a slow transformation through a poetical body. For Julie Andree T. practicing art should be a reflection of daily life and the dark ages we are presently in. She tries to reach a place where personal identity is lost. Although this is a utopia, it might be the only way to find a common abstract language to understand what we do and who we are.
Anne Bean

Gustav Uto [Romania]
"Crown-Caps Map"
I remember the Welsh artist Paul Davies, who was the first international participant in the Transylvanian Performance Art Days event I organised in 1991. Paul was looking for traces of eastern Celtic culture in the Carpathian mountains. I ask the public at the CAT show to participate in my action by bringing Bottle Caps as formal symbols for a vital (survival) energy content of interregional level cultures.    

Julian Blaine [France]
Now I don't move, I speak with my eye, my mouth, my tongue, my throat, my palate, my larynx, cage. I read, I say, I speak and so on....

Clemente Padin [Uruguay]
"Just Do It...!"
Denounce the criminal abuse of the big transnational corporations like McDonald, Texaco, Esso, Microsoft, Nike, etc.  An exposition of exploitation and the abuse of workers in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia etc...
The Heavy Quartet [UK]
Get down and dirty party time with the freaky deaky heavy jazz soul funk dancin' and mind blowin' wig out from the Cardiff based ensemble. Are you ready to testify?!!

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