Bandung + Performance Art Community
Bandung is an important site in Indonesian contemporary art scene. Performance art is a part of its developing phenomena. As a genre it attracts artists to perform and has become a kind of style in contemporary Bandung. In other hand, some youngest generation choose it as a way not only to express them selves but also to build their carrier. While many art events have included performance art, the real challenge is still standing, that performance artists should be able to organize their selves in order to develop their works and gain public.

B+PAC is an organization for performance artists and organizers, and supported performance activities in Bandung. Although performance art activities in Bandung are always been based on independency of the artists or organizers, and a mutual cooperation among them, B+PAC supported by become a database, publishing, promoting and build networking.



B+PAC based on mutual cooperation among the performance art communities and their benefactors.
B+PAC established on June 30, 2003 at RUMAH NUSANTARA Bandung.
Director : Yoyoyogasmana
Program Manager : Heru Hikayat
Documentation & research staffs : Frino Bariarciarnur: Nandang Gawe

Jl. Sentosa 91 B KPAD Bandung 40153 , Indonesia
Ph :+62 ?22 ?201 4380
Mob: +62 ?815 7204 1386 (Yoyo) (Heru Hikayat)

B+PAC activities
Performance Art Lectures
20 September, 2003, at senior high school 3 and 5 Bandung, and STDI campus.
22 September, 2003 at UNIKOM campus Bandung.
23 September, 2003 at Indonesian Education University (UPI), STISI Campus, Parahyangan Catholic University and National Institute of Technology, Bandung.
25 September, 2003, at Pasundan University, Bandung.
It was a part of the B+PAC mission to promoting knowledge about performance art, and publication strategy for the BaPAF#2. Under cooperation with several campuses, involved artists and art critics, the lecturers attracted curiosity from the lectures participant.

BaPAF #2 (Bandung Performance Art Festival)
26-28 September 2003
(At The Landraad and public spaces around Bandung)
The first BaPAF was held by The Barak Gallery in 2000, involved more than 15 artists. After B+PAC established, it became obligation to make the second one as a stage for the Bandung performance artists. BaPAF involved particularly artists from youngest generation while the ones from previous generation got involved in the lectures program. More than 42 artists with various expression and ideas made the festival became a busy and passionate event. Form this festival people started to notice there are some young people will to start their carrier as artist with performance art while others use performance art as a way to express their youth spirit. All those things focused at The Landraad, and old building that become an important heritage for Indonesian history as it used to be a court house where former Indonesian leaders defended them selves in front of Dutchfs colonial court.

Discussion gperformance art development in Bandungh
29 September 2003 at The Landraad
a part of BaPAF program, the discussion tried to analyze performance art in Bandung art scene. Its progression, development and changes after been practiced for years was discussed by the participants. In the other hand, the discussion also an effort to gathered artists and theorists in an activity to have better understanding about performance art and itfs significant.

Performance Activities from some communities
gDANCE ON FIREh, October, 8 , 2003 at UPI campus Bandung
gSHOW TIMEh, December 13 , 2004 at STDI campus Bandung
gSTOP VIOLENCEh, January, 10, 2004 at STSI campus Bandung
gLOVE IS ARTh, February 14, 2004 at UNISBA campus Bandung
gIN CONFIRMATIONh, March, 2004 at ITB campus Bandung
gBLUE PRINTh, March, 2004 at ITENAS campus Bandung
Bandung has the oldest art academy, the fine art department of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Along with the arts department of Indonesian Education University and the State Art Institute, in Bandung as well as in some big cities in Indonesia, private colleges increase their education program especially for the graphic, industrial and interior design. More and more young people get interested to study these fields. While they studying their major studies seem that they always have devotion in arts. Then performance art is a special choice among others more gestablishh choices such as painting and photography. The B+PAC and its activities encourage them to organized special event for performance in their campuses.

Performance Art and Lecture in Parahyangan University (Unpar)
gWhatfre You Doing; Wherefre You Going?h
25 - 26 February 2004
The Architecture Student Union of Unpar held an art festival. The festival exhibit art works from the students and lecturers. They invited B+PAC to presented performance art and a lecture to fulfill their willing to have better understanding about contemporary art. The lecture showed that they knew about multi-media performances that increase these days while they wanted to know more about the history of performance art. Then the performance from three artists gave them more clear view, even an entertaining spectacle in their campus.

-->The International Performance Art Festival in Bandung, Indonesia April 2004