6th Open
International Performance Art Festival in Chengdu,
China Sep. 2005

7 Sep. 2005
Johanne Chagnon(Canada)
"The last of the animals"

Johanne Chagnon
"The last of the animals"

Johanne Chagnon is an artist born and living in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). A part of her artistic practice seeks to bind art and social engagement. During the last years, she has made different kinds of interventions mixing outside installations, performance, video, public interactions, photography, web site, etc.

She is convinced that artists can participate in the civic arena as engaged citizens. For that purpose, she is co-founder of Engrenage noir, a Montreal-base organism within which she has created the Levier Project, aimed at supporting community arts projects and humanist activism projects (www.engrenagenoir.ca). She herself has initiated a community arts program with a organism working with people living in poverty, which has produced so far theatre/video creations, exhibitions, posters and public interventions. She also has current artistic projects with the very politically active Collective for a poverty-free Quebec.

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