7th Open
International Performance Art Festival in Beijing,
China Sep. 2006

17 Sep. 2006
ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"We love Kiko - Mother of 3G Emperor"

ARAI put portrait of "Pu Yi" on the wall with big nails.
Pu Yi was also the first Emperor of Manchukuo made by Japan on 1st March 1932.
and play music of movie "Last Emperor" by Ryu-ichi SAKAMOTO

ARAI Shows the portrait of "Panchen Lama XI" made by Chinese government.
and ARAI also put it on the wall with big nails

ARAI throws down hole body on the ground like Tibetan Buddhists style.
and Feng Weidong who is a performance artist and makes Mao-Marylin T-shirts on the wall reads statement of Mao Tsetung about their invading in Tibet in March 1959 in Chinese.
and play sound of "Chant of Tibetan Buddhist monks"

ARAI writes down the history of Emperor of Japan on the wall.

ARAI puts portrait of "Kiko" on his face.

ARAI puts portrait of Kiko in his mouth again and again.
and Shouts "We Japanese love Kiko" again and again.

and play sound of "Voice of ex-Emperor (0G Emperor), Hirohito saying that we defeated in 15th August 1945"

About Kiko
is the wife of young brother of Prince (2G Emperor) of Japan.
She delivered son on 4th Sep. 2006
For Emperor (1G Emperor) he is the first grand son.
Prince (2G Emperor) does not have any son but only a daughter.
And his wife is so old that people think she can not deliver again.
In law of Emperor of Japan, female can not become Emperor.
So Kiko is the mother of 3G Emperor
Before 1G Emperor there were no problem.
Because those days Prince and Emperor could have many wives.
1G Emperor, Prince (2G Emperor) and his young brother did not marry woman of the royal families
in fact married so-called usual woman like a grand daughter of COO of Chisso corporation made"MINAMATA" diseases.

ARAI Shin-itch (Japan)
"We love Kiko - Mother of 3G Emperor"

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