International Performance Art Festival

in Mexico City, Mexico Feb. 2011

UNofficial web by
ARAI Shin-ichi

*In this UNofficial web, I can only show you the performances which I could take pictures by myself (except of some photos.)
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Vanessa Lodigiani
(Mexico/Italia), Pancho Lopez (Mexico), Shim Yeoung-Chul (Korea), Hong O-Bong (Korea), Omayumi HAMADA (Japan), TANAKA Teruyuki (Japan), ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)

24 Feb. at Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Vanessa Lodigiani (Mexico/Italia)
"The Residence"

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Happy Japan!"

25 Feb. at Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Shim Yeoung-Chul
"From Grape"

Hong O-Bong
"The Bird and I"

26 Feb. at Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Omayumi HAMADA
"My Blood Fountain"

TANAKA Teruyuki

Pancho Lopez
"Concert at less crunch"

Ex Teresa Arte Actual

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