The Winds Project 2010
13 Oct. 2010
Teatro da PUC-SP @Sao Paulo,Brazil

TANAKA Toshi (Brazil/Japan)
"A Vida Integral - Zen Sei"

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Happy Japan!"

Lee Wen (Singapore)
"The Rite of Spring"

About "The Winds Project 2010"
TANAKA Toshi 9th Jun 2010
In the Orient ,Winds have many kind meanings like Nature, Sensation, Breath, Life and Culture etc.
When we are waiting for a imagination or intention for art works, Blowing winds in our body.

Now we are creating one kind of art with the body which blow winds all over the world.

ARAI Shin-ichi wrote to TANAKA Toshi and Lee Wen 10th Jun 2010

I think this project will be a some market place.

Tanaka was ex-Punk guy and he said to me now also he is Punk guy.
His performance before was very aggressive and sometimes very dangerous.
I like(d) his performances very much.
But now days for me his performance is very concentrating only on body and movement.
Because he studies and teaches body and "Ki"(vital energy) very much.

Before I only shouted, put page of book in my mouth, and played broken saxophone.
But not clear for me and audience what I wanted to do and why I did do.
After "Happy Japan!" my performance was changed.
Some one says it is very political.
But basically I use my body like before "Happy Japan!"

I saw your performance "The Rite of Spring" in Beijing last summer (2009).
And I said to you that you are a Butoh dancer. Do you remember? It is not joking but my true opinion.
You did very political performance like "First class nation" which I like, but sometimes you did "Rite of spring" pieces. I think you know your body very much.

About "a some market place"
I think Tanaka will get many ideas from your work because you are like dancer sometimes. And you also will get many ideas from Tanaka's works about body movement and "Ki."
I also will enjoy drinking beer and discussion with you.

For students of Tanaka and audience, it will be fine. They can see my(our) funny performance not like Tanaka.

But Fundamentally We use our body.