4th week of 10th Open
International Performance Art Festival in Beijing,
China Aug. 2009

29 Aug. 2009

Lee Wen (Singapore)
"Rite of spring"

Lee Wen (Singapore)
"Rite of spring"

Title: The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps)

Spring begets expectations of changes. It is in the air, the oceans, terra firma and life organisms; in creatures like us. I languidly brazen out that I have a sick body. And so do the earth, the society, and the world. The discoveries of remedies for incurable diseases are confronted with unheard ailments, bugs and viruses, endless conflicts that seem to escalate just when resolution is close at hand, the backlash of rigid bigoted fundamentals recall and stunt the growth of our liberated spirits, relieves us not the Sisyphean task this human existence. I accept it and reject it. I ignore it and deal with it. For changes will not come without challenge and resistance.

So I will to dance, to activate, to perform the body in sickness, in its primitive urgings, in perennial refutation of tyrannical status quos and repressive fates, seeking resolution of conflicts to mollify the inconsistencies for the reconciliation of contradictions that is yet to be.