18-25 November 2002, Bangkok
28-30 Nov. 2002, Chiangmai,Thailand

Roi Vaara (Finland)

November 23, 2002


Roi Vaara, from Finland, a member of Black Market International, tried to hang his body on to a tree, only let people see his feet dangling from thick leaves. His first tried failed as the tree branch could not hold his weight, and break. He succeeded in his second tried. However, the broken branch stir an unease felling among park attendants.
gA day after Roi accidently broke a tree branch, a park officer came to see the broken branch, and said he would report to his boss, but he said there was nothing to worry, the branch must be trimed once in a while by his office anyway. I told him that I was worried about the falling artist whose can suffer from broken bones or something. He said he was happy too that no one got hurt. He also mention the branch was big and strong, but suspected that the rain might have soften the wood, and that cause the accident. He left, and I have not heard any news from the Bangkok Park Office.h
(Report back to artists / Chumpon Apisuk / 10/12/02)
Roi second performance in Chiangmai, was conducted in the gallery space of the art center, where he painted words of negative ideas in circular, then spinned himself until he fell to the floor. His last action was to cross off the written negative words and replace them with another words with positive ideas.

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