18-25 November 2002, Bangkok
28-30 Nov. 2002, Chiangmai,Thailand

Black Market International
Boris Nieslony, Alastair MacLennon, Elvira Santamaria Torrens, Julie-Andree Tramblay, Norbert Klassen, Roi Vaara, Lee Wen
November 21, 2002

As reported by the artistic director to participated artists and organizing team:
gBlack Market performance, despite being interrupted by stormy rain and disrupted crowd, I felt the site has been developed and situation has got on the way. Despite the situation that could develop further and people followed well. But what Ifve followed gave me a delightful moment to see the magic of performance art. Some of us later compare the BMI performance as a priest meeting in church, and some did not agree but said it was like farmers work collectively in the rice field. I agree with both comments. And Ifd like to thank the wonderful moment.h

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