Viva! Art Action
in Montreal, Canada

28 Sep. - 8 Oct. 2006

UNofficial web by ARAI Shin-ichi
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*There were many performances in same time at another places.
So I could not see all performances.
In this
UNofficial web, I can only show you the performances which I could see and take pictures by myself.

Sylvie Tourangeau(Canada), Genevieve Crepeau(Canada), Matthieu Dumont(Canada), Peter Grzybowski(USA), Non Grata(Estonia), ARAI Shin-ichi(Japan), Sandra Schaefer(USA), Phil Fryer(USA), SP 38(Germany), Rino Cote(Canada), Yoyo Yogasmana(Indonesia), Mederic Boudreault(Canada), Rachel Echenberg(Canada), Flutura Haxhillari(Canada), Besnik Haxhillari(Canada), Lilian Frei(Switzerland), Darja Unold(Switzerland), Katri Kainulainen(Finland), Tuuliki Avango(Estonia), Edwige Mandrou(France), Nicolas Primat(France), Margaret Dragu(Canada), Claudia Frommel(Germany), Theodor di Ricco(Germany), Sean Smith(USA), Ernest Truely(USA), Bryce Kaufmann(Canada), Yan Duyvendak(Switzerland), Maria Cosmes(Spain), Willem Wilhelmus(Finland), Sylvette Babin(Canada), Julie-Andree T.(Canada), Jorge Hidalgo(Colombia/Germany), Jill Mc Dermid(USA), Amy Klement(USA/Germany), Andre Eric Letourneau(Canada), Patric Lacasse(Canada), Alexis Bellavance(Canada) and Many artists

From Organizers
Six artist-run centres from the Montreal region have joined in a group initiative to launch a new international event - Viva! Art Action - to take place from Thursday September 28 to Sunday October 8, 2006. Artists, the public, curators, and artist-run organisations will come together to showcase and promote live art practices-performances, durational works, public and participatory interventions, characteristically ephemeral, ethereal, changing, unfolding in the ghere and now.h

Viva! Art Action will foster an exchange between various artists, thinkers and the public through a series of diverse presentations refl ecting the vibrant performance art scene in Montreal and in Quebec.

Artist-run centres
articule, Centre des arts actuels SKOL, Centre dfart et de diffusion Clark, La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion dfart multidisciplinaire and Praxis art actuel have come together to breathe new life into live art, which is little known to the general public though it has often been at the heart of visual arts culture.

Paying tribute to different international and historical artistic movements, this practice is now inscribed in the most varied contexts. The yearly programming of Montreal artist-run centres testify to sustained interest in performance art, from here and abroad, while its development is the result of specific key events, such as Galerie du college Edouard- Monpetitfs Performance + Artefacts (1989), the biennial presentation since 1994 of Le mois de la performance by La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, and the 2000 and 2001 editions of FA3 - Festival Art Action Actuel -, including the sadly missed Anticorps space (2001) under the direction of Gabriel Doucet Donida.
This first edition of Viva! Art Action will also host the 14th SoToDo International Performance Art Congress, as well as over thirty artistic works scattered through the programming of the participating artist-run centres and other intervention spaces. On this occasion, Bain Saint-Michel turns into a welcome venue and daily meeting place for artist talks, theoretical discussions, practical workshops and festive evenings. A circulation of artists and activities will take place throughout the network of Quebec artist-run centres, including the event Lfart vivant sur le territoire organised by Praxis Art Actuel (Sainte-Therese), La Biennale dfart performatif de Rouyn-Noranda, organised by LfEcart...lieu dfart actuel (Rouyn-Noranda) and Rencontre internationale dfart performance de Quebec presented by Le Lieu centre en art actuel in Quebec City.

30 Sep. 2006
at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
Sylvie Tourangeau
1st Oct. 2006
at Bain St-Michel ex-public swimming pool, now art center, 5300, rue St-Dominique,Montreal
Genevieve Crepeau and Matthieu Dumont(Canada)

3rd Oct. 2006
at Centre des arts actuels SKOL
Peter Grzybowski(USA)
at Bain St-Michel
SoToDo International Performance Art Congress
Non Grata
ARAI Shin-ichi
"Viva! United States -for Herbert Norman"

4th Oct. 2006
at Bain St-Michel
Sandra Schaefer and Phil Fryer(USA)
at Praxis art actuel
SP 38
Rino Cote
Yoyo Yogasmana
Mederic Boudreault
Rachel Echenberg
and Besnik Haxhillari

5th Oct. 2006
at Bain St-Michel
Lilian Frei and Darja Unold(Switzerland)
[Sandra Schaefer(USA) and Katri Kainulainen(Finland) and Tuuliki Avango(Estonia)]

Edwige Mandrou
and Nicolas Primat

Margaret Dragu
Non Grata
Claudia Frommel
(Germany) and SP 38(France/Germany)

6th Oct. 2006
at Centre des arts actuels SKOL
Edwige Mandrou and Nicolas Primat(France)
at Bain St-Michel
Theodor di Ricco(Germany) and SoToDo International Performance Art Congress
Sean Smith and Ernest Truely(USA)
Bryce Kaufmann
Peter Grzybowski
Phil Fryer

7th Oct. 2006
at Centre des arts actuels SKOL
Yan Duyvendak
Maria Cosmes

at Bain St-Michel
Willem Wilhelmus
Sylvette Babin
Julie-Andree T.

Jorge Hidalgo
Yoyo Yogasmana
Jill Mc Dermid
ARAI Shi-ichi
"Arigatou Beuys -Thank you Beuys"
Amy Klement

I was invited to Viva! Art Action by Centre des arts actuels SKOL and Centre des arts actuels SKOL gave me everything for the festival. Thanks! Arigatou! Alexis Bellavance, Patric Lacasse, Anne Bertrand and Benedicte Loichemol. Viva! Viva!
And almost every evening SP 38 did his performances with Claudia Frommel to make delicious dinner for us. Very Excellent! Viva! Viva!

And good bed for me, Arigatou! Patric Lacasse, his wife and friends.Viva! Viva!
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(from Oct. 20 2006)