Reach Outlying_2005 TIPALive
in Taipei, Taiwan July.2005

29 July. 2005

ARAI Shin-ichi
"Happy Japan!"
Memory for Tainan private middle school of Presbyterian Church in days of occupation by Japan

ARAI said

This performance is for memory of Tainan private middle school of Presbyterian Church in days of occupation by Japan.

Almost 6 years ago Japanese diet decided what are Japanese flag and Japanese anthem in the law. Before there was no law for Japanese flag and the national anthem. Now in all schools like graduation ceremony, People should show Japanese flag and sing the national anthem. And sometimes teachers and students who do not like to respect the flag and sing the national anthem in the ceremony are punished by the director and the Mayer because of the law now.

Before there was some agreement among people with
Japanese flag was symbol of militarism and the anthem celebrate the Emperor in spite of they agree or not.

Last year 5 Japanese people were kidnapped in Iraq by whom demand that Japanese army immediately withdraw from Iraq.
Those 5 people, 3 of them are freelance journalists and other two are NGO. Most of them are against Japanese government's policy, course of as journalists they report the situation from Iraq and as NGO they are helping Iraq people very much.

After that the kidnappers understand those people very well and released them without any help from Japanese Gov't.

On the other hand Japanese Gov't claim that they spent a lot of money and term to those people. Also They ask those people to pay them back.
Many Newspapers and Magazines endorse the Gov't policies
But the agent of kidnappers said that they did not have any contact from Japanese Gov't.

ARAI make the gate of Japanese shrine by red tape on the wall.

ARAI took off his clothes, keeping only a small yellow Pikachu Pokemon fig leaf on his genitals, and squats on a canvas. While singing the Japanese national anthem "Kimi-ga-Yo means Our superior@Emperor regime", he presses a plastic tube containing red paint from just below his buttocks, as if excreting red human waste.

Using his bare buttocks on the "waste." he paints a full but irregular rising sun in the middle of the canvas that turns out to be a copy of the Japanese national flag, which he later hangs on the wall.

ARAI said
The title of this comicbook is "What is a patriotic war?"
The comicbook's author says that Japan must have more military power. We Japanese must have a patriot spirit. There was no Nanking genocide by the Japanese Emperor army. There were no Korean or east asian women sex slaves in the Japanese Emperor army. They were only commercial prostitutes.

More than half a million people bought this book and almost all of them are under 30.
And he is very friend of ex-Taiwan president Lee Teng-Hui

ARAI put the page of the comic book in his mouth and shout
Happy Japan!
again and again

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
"Happy Japan!"
Memory for Tainan private middle school of Presbyterian Church in days of occupation by Japan

*Tainan private middle school of Presbyterian Church ran by Taiwan people was the first private school which Japanese occupation government put on a bluff of banning the school If the teachers and students did not go to pray Japanese State Shinto shrine in Taiwan in 1934.
That days the Emperor Hirohito was the God in State Shinto also no surprises in Japan.

At last the school accepted the order of the Japanese government. Many good teachers and students gave up to continue to study. And Japanese very militant teachers came to teach what is the Japanese patriot spirit.