Roi Vaara

Roi Vaara 1999.3.16 @Duluce, Matsumoto, Japan
(b.1953.7.17, Finland, Helsinki)

l994 Towards the sky, Fotogalerie, Bern
1995 Glove work, East- West study project, Kunstraum, Dusseldorf
l996 Alarm, Festival of light, Helsinki
1997 Black Market International, Stadt Galerie, Bern

My work is motivated by our forms of living, which on the whole seem unbearable. My aim is not to give answers or show how things should be seen. But to create an inter subjective contact, my aim is not appeal to masses. Instead of controlling the audience I try to awaken each individuals' own images, experiences, thoughts. With the most direct of medium, my own body. I realize simple and self created signs. My work is not about professional skills or practices but about that which is common to all: the ability to think, instead of knowing how I concentrate on the realization process of novel idea. My work is not about producing a product but about inner metamorphoses. My works do not refer to their own inner characteristics but to the thoughts they awake.