International Performance Art Festival
in Toronto, Canada 2002

Pierre Beaudoin (Quebec)
3 Nov. 2002

Lors de mes performances, je m'impose toujours un de'fi en me plac,ant dans une situation d'inconfort. Je dois travailler avec une certaine dualite' lie'e a` la notion de stabilite' versus celle d'instabilite'. Il s'installe alors une forme de de'chirement qui introduit une de'marche soutenant un de'racinement corporel afin de confronter mes peurs aux normes du maintien physique et psychique. Un semblant de de'risoire s'instaure dans un contexte de'nue' de technologie ou` la simple pre'sence corporelle impre`gne le performatif.

My performances involve the challenge of placing myself in physically uncomfortable situations. I work with a certain duality: the tension between stability and instability. This duality manifests as an uprooting of the body; a confrontation of physical and psychological fears. The performances combine ironic and seemingly absurd elements, charged with simple physical presence and stripped of technology.

After having been a cowboy, a social worker, a gardener and a waiter, Pierre Beaudoin found himself roaming around the artist-run milieu for over a decade. His performances have been shown in Montreal, across Quebec and Canada, in Italy and in Poland. He is also a writer and last year published a book entitled La piscine/The Pool through Cube Editors, which he co-founded with Franc,ois Dion in 1996.

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