NISHIJIMA Kazuhiro 1999.3.17 @Rain Dogs, Osaka, Japan

C.V. :
We had done intermittent activities adjacent to happenings or performance since 70's. These activities were not clearly named in those days, but we began to use the word "TAIGEN (appearance in body)" in 1988 and started the group "TAIGEN SHUDAN φ AETTA". Since then we have continued various solo performances and group performances under that name. To us "TAIGEN" is different from so-called performance art as the modern artistic expression wide open to public ; rather it is the individual journey to the ground far from our oppressive illusion called "expression".

TAIGEN : [OTO-SAISYU & SEITAI TAIGEN] (Noise gathering & Vocal chords TAIGEN)
CONCEPT : Think about "proto-memory" that is far older than we were born on the earth. I don't know whether it exists or not, but supposing it I try to devote my body to our earliest experiences or subconsciousness that seems the nearest doorway to the "proto-memory". It is not because I want to take a glance at my/our subconsciousness, but because I want to mediate on whether I can correspond with my/our in-ner deep space beyond which the "proto-memory" possibly exists or not, I wonder if it might "exists" in my/our nearest daily life, or otherwise --.