International Performance Art Festival
in Toronto, Canada 2002

Iwan Wijono (Indonesia)
The Rootless Man: What U can give to Nature,
not what U can take from Nature
2 Nov. 2002

"We live on the earth, we need the earth; we need food and water from the earth. But modern people little by little have distanced themselves from the earth; they want to conquer the earth, benefit and profit form the earth without having to take care of it properly. Most modern people from morning til night do not even touch the earth, everybody wants to be a businessman or millionaire, nobody wants to be a labourer or farmer, nobody wants to get their hands dirty. Forests have been felled in the name of industry, villages increasingly become cities or ghost towns, where villagers move to the cities When the earth is plagued by disease, there are no longer any forests or clean water, dollars can buy nothing!"

Iwan Wijono was born in 1971 in Central Java. While studying international law in Jogjakarta he became active in the pro-democracy movement against the Suharto regime. He eventually enrolled in the ISI (Indonesian Art Institute), where he began looking for a practical form of art that would express his political ideals. His early performance art activities on the street have evolved to include arts events both locally and internationally. This is his first performance in Canada.

Toy truck created with Jompet (Ag.Widananto)

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