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in Singapore April 2006
13 April 2006
Arahmaiani (Indonesia)

Arahmaiani (Indonesia)

b.1961 Bandung, Indonesia

Arahmaiani is a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene of Indonesia. She exhibits regularly locally as well as internationally, representing Indonesian pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale 2003. Her repertoire of works goes beyond performances, frequently producing paintings, drawing, installation, poetry, dance, and music. Arahmaiani has often questioned traditional expectations of being a
woman amidst the tensions, disruptions and volatility of Indonesian society in transition.
She considers that her natural inclination's to play the role of a mediator between worlds anchored in her origins. Neither within her own family, nor in her homeland is communication between cultures free of conflict. Her awareness of belonging to "another" culture, however, developed most particularly with trips to the "West", first to Australia, and later to Europe.
Only when confronted with western art and philosophy, did she realize how difterent these were from her own.

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