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in Singapore April 2006
12 April 2006
Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)

Chumpon Apisuk (Thailand)

Chumpon Apisuk
b.1948 Nan, Thailand

Chumpon Apisuk had been continuously promoting performance art in Thailand since the 80's. He founded the Concrete House in 1993, an art and community space that was a unique and well-known performance art venue in Thailand. He is also recognized for his involvement in AIDS and Human Rights activism, working closely with his partner Chantawipa (Noi) Apisuk, who founded EMPOWER Foundation in 1985, an organization advocating for the rights of sex workers in Thailand, In 1998 he initiated "Asiatopia" , an international performance art festival in Bangkok and extending to Chiangmai later. His performance work is often an assemblage of eventful interaction led by his political commitment, showing conflicts of the ideal world and reality. Chumpon Apisuk's performances are often multi-faceted, informed by his prolific writings of poetry, short fiction and essays on politics, the arts and society.

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