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in Singapore April 2006
11 April 2006
Pascale Grau (Switzerland)

Pascale Grau (Switzerland)

Pascale Grau
b.1960 St.Gallen, Switzerland

Pascale Grau graduated in fine art and film from School of Fine Arts Hamburg (Hochschule fur Bildenden KOnste Hamburg) and did her MA with Marina Abramovic in 1992/94. In 2001 she focused on the theory of archive, documentation and organization at art HCKZ. She has been involved with co-organizing and curating of performance art events at "Kaskadenkondensator", an independent artspace in Basel Switzerland
since 1998. Grau sees performance as the transformation of message, time and shape into sign language within the immediacy of the event. In using her body as an instrument and embodiment of image of the world she also confronts suppositions, preconceived roles and projections. Performance is then considered as the non-linear process of creating a language.
The video and multi-media virtual reality versions is seen as living depositories or a means for the further development of the signs of this language to create vocabulary for the image of a new reality.

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