FOI3: Future of Imagination 3
in Singapore April 2006
11 April 2006
Katak Kudung (Singapore)

Katak Kudung (Singapore)
(durational performance)

Katak Kudung

Noor Effendy lbrahim now practices theatre and performance under the name Katak Kudung (Maimed Frog). He has worked prolifically in Malay Theatre with Teater Kami, Teater Ekamatra and Teater Artistik since 1991.
Eftendy expanded into performance art and body-based performances since 1994.
He initiated and co-founded a Chicago-based performance collective "Broken Cello"(1998-2000) while studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, Effendy is the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of Teater Ekamatra. Through Katak Kudung, the works evoked imageries of punishment of the physical body to impel the sub-conscious strains. In collaboration with sculptor, Ranger Mills his instaiiations are like torture machines of the psyche. Three of his piays are published in Bisik - Antologi Drama Melayu Singapura, a co-publication of Teater Ekamatra and Pustaka Cipta (Malaysia) and he is also featured in People at the Peak 2002 and 2003.
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