FOI3: Future of Imagination 3
in Singapore April 2006
11 April 2006

Paul Coulliard (Canada)

Paul Coulliard (Canada)
(durational performance)

Paul Couillard
b.1961,Toronto, Canada

Since 1985 Paul Couillard has been an artist, curator, producer and writer primarily working in performance art often with installation and video elements. His work seeks to build community through explorations of our bodies as vessels of sensation, experience, knowledge and spirit, looking for the moment of shared engagement and relationship with the audience. He has a particular interest in considering the shared borders obour separate existences, searching for a language that can convey the complex layers of personal history, cultural/social specificity and the notion of shared or universal experience. He has been the performance art curator for Fado, an artist-run centre for perforrhance art, since its inception in 1993, and is also a founding co-curator of the 7a*11d InternationalPerformance Art Festival, both based in Toronto, Canada. He is currently editing Canadian Performance Art Legends, a series of books on senior Canadian performanoe artists.
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