Enzo Minarelli


Enzo Minarelli 1999.3.20 @Tokuzo,Nagoya,Japan
(b.1951.8.10, Italy, Firenze)

Enzo Minarelli has been working in the field of experimental poetry since mid Seventies. In the early Eighties he has written the Manifesto of Polypoetry, since that he defines his live performances with the label "Polypoetry". He has performed in Europe, and in North, Central and South America. Many records, audiocassettes, and CD have been produced. As a publisher he has edited the series 3ViTre Records. He is also a scholar of sound poetry, he has published the important research "Vocalite & Poesia" 1995. As visual poet he has exibited his works in many international shows. His work involves also the video, he has produced many videopoems and video sound environ-ments. He is the director of Festival of Sound Poetry and the Video Sound Poetry Festival.

Performance Title :
(Tokyo) Polypoetry 7 ,1997
(Nagano) Polypoetry 4, 1989
(Matsumoto) Polypoetry 5, 1991-92
(Osaka)Polypoetry 6,1996
(Nagoya) Polypoetry 4, 1989

The concept of all my performances is sound poetry, that's the voice related to music, images and move-ment.