Alastair MacLennan

BIRTHDAY: 3rd February 1943
CV.: Alastair MacLennan: Since 1975 he has been based in Belfast, and was a founder member of Belfast's Art and Research Exchange. He teaches at the University of Ulster, where for 1 1 years he ran the postgraduate Fine Art program, and where he is presently Re-search Professor in Fine Art He travels extensively in eastern and western Europe, America and Canada, presenting actuations (his term for performance-installations). He is a member of the European performance group Black Market International. In 1997 he represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale. In 1999 he was in Britain's first biennale. His work deals with political, social and cultural issues
TITLE; Vael 3

Lorna Stewart

DATE OF BIRTH: 28th July 1977
1999 Feb Cardiff Art in Time Festival, Cardiff U.K.
1999 Apr Sherman Theatre Gallery, Cardiff, U.K.
1999 May He!en Gregory Memorial Scholarship for student achievement
1999 Nov Gallery 291 , London, duet with performance artist Anthony Howell.
TITLE: Self Improvement (series)
CONCEPT: I am concerned with the variety of ways in which I can improve myself; psychologically, physically and orally.

Boris Nieslony

DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd Oct. 1945
CV.: since 1971 Painting /1975 Objects /1976 Interdiscipline Actions / 1976 Photography /1978 Installation, Concerts /1978 Interdiscipline Projects, Interventions /1979 Art-Books /1979 Performances, Art Performance /1979 Plots life+situations /1980 Themes Alchemie of the daily Life /1980 Allotropical Crockery /1 980 The Tables, The Chairs /1980 Atlantis /1980 established: Institut of Pataphysian Spaceship /1980 Tableaux Vivants and Games /1981 The DIN A 4 Cultur /1981 Copy-Art /1981 The Black Kit / Performance Archive / 1983 European network /1983 Poetical Largency (Turn Overs ) / 1983 Anthropognostical Dishes - science on and with humans be-ing /1 983 The Mobil Container Architectur /transformated to /1985 THE PARADIS a sculptur in moving ANTHROPOGNOSTICAL DISHES a sculptur in moving BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL an European performances art association /1985 ASA - EUROPEAN an international art-service-project Curating, organizing, research in the filed of performance and daily life plots /1990 THE CURRENT AFFAIRS an European exchange project RENT an ARTIST Die GABE two international service projects in fields of performance art/1990 THE PERFORMANCE NETWORK/1995 THE Perma-nent PERFORMANCE CONFERENCES /1996 The yearly internet performance art magazine slaps-banks-plots since 1 999 looks like all years before, stright on in life as art /1999 Ausstellung "Video Aussen"/ Koln, Performance Die siebte Performance Art Konferenz /Glarus,CH Ausstellung "W(H)/ALE" /Bremen, BLACK MARKET International Network Meeting /Dublin, Ireland, Performance Festival "Signum Novum"/Amalfi,Italy, Performance "MA"-Version XXI/ Tel Aviv Israel, Performance "In Einem System S Bin lch Nicht Beweisbaf"/Koln /2000 Installation "Die Schwarze Lade/Pfaffikon,CH
TITLE: No title
CONCEPT: No concept

Richard Martel

DATE: OF BIRTH: 10th July 1950
CV.: Richard Martel has been going through a multidisciplinary experience for the past 20 years, mainly in Quebec. He is a founding member of the magazine Inter, and Participated in setting up Le Lieu in 1 982. Richard Martel is a writer, organizer of artistic events, teacher lecturer, radio and video producer, visual artist and performer ; he is particularly interested in art as a generalized system with which he experiments in a theoretical and practical way. In 1983, he has published a book on his activities. He took part in an important exercise, The Silent Zone, in Mexico. He participates frequently in the exchange network between Mexico, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Poland, etc., he has made 160 performances in more than 30 different countries.
TITLE: Why, what, where, who

Nao Bustamante

CV.: Nao Bustamante is a performance artist pioneer who is originally from the San Joaquin Valley (Central California). She has been living and developing her work for the past 16 years from the Mission District of San Francisco In addition to performance, Bustamante is a Video and Installation Artist. Her work has been seen in Mexico Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the United States.
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Performance took place in San Francisco unless otherwise noted /2000, Under the Rug Bay Area Now at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts /1999, Sans Gravity Performance Index, Basel, Switzerland; Performance Festival Odense, Odense, Denmark; In the Streets Performance Festival, San Francisco 1995-98 America, the Beautiful Mardi Gras, Sydney, Australia; Diviasiones, Madrid, Spain; Body Act, Malmo, Sweeden; Update,Copenhagen, Denmark; Terreno Peligroso/Danger Zone University of California, Los Angeles; Xteresa, Arte Alternativo, Mexico City; Bay Area Dance Series, Laney College, Oakland, CA; Fierce Tongues: Women of Fire Festival, Highways, Santa Monica, CA; Post-Colonial California, San Francisco State University; 1994 A Day Without Art /1997-98 STUFF a performance Collaboration with Coco Fusco, Corpus Delecti, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London;
TITLE: Sans Gravity
: I choose to unfurl performance actions in a live setting. To be clear, an image is devised - a moment, which would be ludicrous to re-hearse and so, I attempt the moment in view of others This structured moment leads to meaning for me, which is encountered in the presence of the witness, the critic, and the bystander.


DATE OF BIRTH: 21st May 1961
NATONALITY: Indonesian
C.V.: EXHIBITIONS 1998 - "Instalasi Gawat Darurat Pembangunan", 4+4 Begegnung, Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. /"Traditions/Tensions", Western Australia Museum of Contemporary Art /"Plastic & Other Waste" (First Asia-Pacific Artist Solidarity Project), Center for the Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand /"Cities on The Move", Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna Secession, Austria; Musee for the Art Contemporaine de Bordeaux, France; P.Sl, New York USA. /"Traditions/Tensions", Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan. /"Burning Bodies, Burning Country", Musee de Castieva, Almaty, Kazakstan /1999 - "Burning Bodies, Burning Countries ll" Cultural Centre Phillipines (CCP), Manila /"Made In Indonesia No. l" Un Ab Die Post, Postfuhramt Berlin /"Newspaper Man ll" Semanggi Cafe, Jakarta "Rape & Rob" Millennium Gallery, Jakarta /"Cities On The Move" Loisiana Museum Of Contemporary Art Copenhagen, Hayward Gallery London /"Dayang Sumbi: Re-fuses Status Quo" France Cultural Centre (CCF) Bandung PERFORMANCES 1998 - "Point Zero - My Mind Gets Stuck", NIPAF'98, Nagano, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Japan. /Festival de Winternachten, The Hague, The Netherlands /"Show Me Your Heart", NIPAF Asian Series, Nagano, Nagoya, Tokyo, Japan /"Burning Bodies, Burning Country", Musee de Oastieva, Almaty, Kazakstan. /"Show Me Your Heart" ASIATOPIA 98: Festival of Asian Performance Art l, Bangkok, Thailand. /"Show Me Your Heart", Cemara 6 Gallery, Jakarta; Jamzz, Jakarta; Semanggi Cafe, Jakarta /1999 - "Burning Bodies, Burning Countries ll" Cultural Centre Phillipines (CCP), Manila /"Show Me Your Heart" Und Ab Die Post, Postfuhramt Berlin /"Newspaper Man" Semanggi Cafe, Jakarta / "Dayang Sumbi Refuses Status Quo" France Cultural Center (CCF) Bandung
CONCEPT: Do we really have to write history with blood, and build the future with skeletons? @

Wang Mai

1972 Born in YiChun City, HeiLongJiang Province
1989 Starting to publish poems and paintings
1993 Exhibition of Paintings by Chinese Professional Painters, Beijing
1994 2nd Exhibition of Paintings by Chinese Professional Painters, Beijing
1996 Painting Exhibition at Hanmo Art Center
1997 Art Stud o Exhibition Artist Club
1998 Beijing Prediction, Beijing
1999 Spring Festival Show '99, Beijing Design Museum
TITLE; International Aviation (Nagano, Nagoya),China and Japan Friendship long life (Tokyo)
Concept; The conflict of individual with history and reality

Paisan Plienbangchang

DATE OF BIRTH: 10th March 1961
CV. Started performance art since 1993, over 30 times in Thailand and abroad /1995 The control, U-Kabat Group Art Exhibition, Bangkok /1996 Something cover on you, Art Forum Gallery, Bangkok /1996 Consumer Ha Ha!, 1st Live Art at Concrete House Nontburi /1997 The Struggle, The Summer Art in Cologne, Germany /1997 Dedicated to Destroyer, Transart Communication, Slovakia /1 998 Wash-ing Thai Flag, U-Kabat Croup Art Exhibition, Bangkok /1998 Re-call, ASIATOPIA, Bangkok /1999 Perfect life, New face of Art in Asia, Poland /1999 Circle of Life on Destruction Yatoo Festival, Korea /1 999 World of Maya, 2nd ASIATOPIA, Bangkok
TITLE: The Sensation
: It's very doubtful, actually. Where we are standing, at the edge of new cultural area Or the soup pot of preconsumerism in the war zone Or in the cage of freedom, to rebirth do we have to destroy. Or it's illusion of our look

Stephan Koperl & Sylvia Winkler

NAME: Sylvia Winkler
DATE OF BIRTH 5th Dec 1969
CV.: State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart /Scholarships for Italy and Budapest /Long term stay in P.R.China /lives in Stuttgart and Salzburg

NAME: Stephan Koperl
DATE OF BIRTH: 22nd June 1966
CV.: Apprenticeship in telecommunication /Civil service in a kindergarten /State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart in the class of Henk Visch and Joseph Kosuth /DAAD Scholarship for P.R.China /Post-graduate Scholarship for Japan During a two-month stay in Budapest we bought a bunch of flow-ers every day. Fearing that the chambermaid could dissoive our collection, we posted a note on the windowsill

Nathalie Perreault

DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 18 1965
CV.: Currently editor and designer of INTER MAGAZINE, Nathalie Perreault has been living in Quebec City since 1984 After participating in NIPAF 1996 as part of Collective Inter/Le Lieu manoeuvre Nomade joins NIPAF, JIPAF and TIPAF this year as a witness After taking part in NIPAF 1996, which interested in body work and action based works Born southern part of Quebec (state), emigrated to Quebec City in 1984 From then first worked in an emerging artist run gallery and photo workshop before associating with Inter/Le Lieu.

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