International Performance Art Festival
in Toronto, Canada 2002

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)
Tourist #5: For E. H. Norman
8 Nov. 2002

ARAI went outside to call Toronto people to join his performance dedicated for E.H.Norman

ARAI shouted "Am I Reds?"

ARAI shouted "Am I Communist?"

Paul Couillard declaimed "Japan's Emergence as a Modern State
- Political and Economic Problems of the Meiji Period (1940)" English version written by E.H.Norman
after ARAI declaimed "Japan's Emergence (1940)" Japanese version

After all, ARAI asked audience "Am I terrorist?"

E. Hervert Norman
1909 - 1957
Canadian historian and diplomat

1909 September 1 Born in Nagano, Japan
son of Methodist missionaries
1928 Victoria College at the University of Toronto, majoring in classics
1957 April 4 He killed himself in Cairo in the throes of Red Scare/McCarthyism by USA government

"After the war , he again returned to Japan to work for the Occupation and as head of the Canadian Liaison Mission, a position he held until 1950. During this time, he presented many papers on Japan, and published several influential books, including Japan's Emergence (1940), Soldier and Peasant in Japan: The Origins of Conscription (1943), and Ando Shoeki (1949). He was widely considered one of the foremost authorities on Japan, and was elected president of the Asiatic Society of Japan.
words and his photo from http://www.canacad.ac.jp/canacad/library/ehnorman.html "

This piece offers a personal reflection on Canada-Japan relations, with reference to the life and work of E. Herbert Norman, a Canadian scholar and diplomat who wrote the seminal book Japan's Emergence as a Modern State - Political and Economic Problems of the Meiji Period (recently republished in a 60th anniversary edition). E. Herbert Norman committed suicide in the 1950s after being accused of being a communist spy.
words from Official web http://www.7a-11d.ca/events.html

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