International Performance Art Festival
in Toronto, Canada 2002

Andre-Philip Lemke (Germany)
The Ten Commandments (live in Toronto)
31 Oct.-10 Nov. 2002


31 October 2002

1 November 2002

2 November 2002

The ten performances that will occur on ten different days are dedicated to the ten commandments. The idea is based on a dream I had where god was preaching about what is not allowed. His angels were there to illustrate the things that are not allowed by performing them. You can imagine that it was a quite amazing and colourful atmosphere in the church, a bit like a fun fair. I want to create a similar atmosphere by making little actions that are dedicated to each commandment.

The events will begin daily at 2 pm at Art System. If I need to go somewhere else, everybody will still meet there and come with me to another place. The performances will last between two and five hours, but like all my performances they will work with repetitive actions (like feeding a meat-eating plant twenty-seven insects - dedicated to the sixth commandment: Thou Shall Not Kill).

Andre' Lemke was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1970. In 1999 he received an MFA from the Academy of Art in Munster. Working in the public sphere, Lemke installs himself in site-specific locations as a salesman in the context of the everyday marketplace. He creates object or interactions, drawing the viewer or consumer into the work. Through his personal souvenirs, Lemke's work extends itself inextricably into life.

words from Official web http://www.7a-11d.ca/events.html

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