5th Open Performance Art Festival in Beijing,

China Sep. 2004

3 Sep. 2004
Tzu-chi YEH
"Something about Love"

Tzu-chi YEH
"Something about Love"

Yeh Tzu-chi (Rebecca)

Taiwan based performance artist/writer/translator

E-mail: chi590@ms15.hinet.net

2005 Behavior.8H.Trade Art Taipei 2005
2004-05 The Ego Consciousness of Contemporary Art group exhibition Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2004 Taiwan Asia Performance Art Meeting curator/artist
5th Open Art Festival Beijin
KIPAF Korea International Performance Art Festival
TIPAF Taiwan International Performance Art Festival
2003 Asia-Central Europe Performance Art Meeting Slovakia, Hungary, Poland
KIPAF Korea International Performance Art Festival
Seiji Shimodafs Performance Art Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan Producer/artist
TIPAF Taipei International Performance Art Festival
Founding ArTrend Performance Group
2002 7th NIPAF Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Asian Series

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