5th Open Performance Art Festival in Beijing,

China Aug. 2004

29 Aug. 2004
Tzu-chi YEH (Taiwan)
"Hair Tie"

Tzu-chi Yeh(left) asked long hair male audience to help her work.
She tied their hairs. and through their hairs her cloths moved to him.

Tzu-chi YEH
"Hair Tie"

concept: Woman takes off her clothes, transmits them through the hair bridge to the man. The man puts them onto his body,and then transmits them back to the woman again.Man is woman, woman is man.

Yeh Tzu-chi (Rebecca)

Taiwan based performance artist/writer/translator

E-mail: chi590@ms15.hinet.net

2005 Behavior.8H.Trade Art Taipei 2005
2004-05 The Ego Consciousness of Contemporary Art group exhibition Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2004 Taiwan Asia Performance Art Meeting curator/artist
5th Open Art Festival Beijin
KIPAF Korea International Performance Art Festival
TIPAF Taiwan International Performance Art Festival
2003 Asia-Central Europe Performance Art Meeting Slovakia, Hungary, Poland
KIPAF Korea International Performance Art Festival
Seiji Shimodafs Performance Art Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan Producer/artist
TIPAF Taipei International Performance Art Festival
Founding ArTrend Performance Group
2002 7th NIPAF Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Asian Series

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