8 Oct. 2010
Grace Exhibition Space @Brooklyn
Lee Wen (Singapore)
gAnyhow Bluesh

Lee Wen (Singapore)

gAnyhow Blues # 5h Do folk songs belong in performance art? I have just begun a new series of work called gAnyhow Bluesh as a follow-up to my earlier gToo Late The Hippieh started in 2007. Itfs my take on a conservative society trying to be hip, expressed so neatly in the tourism boardfs slogan of eUniquely Hip Singaporef and is a vehicle for various issues that need voicing out in this troubled world, which I have put into songs and hence the gAnyhow Bluesh. I started to play the acoustic guitar again for this project, and hope to work out with a band in time to come, hopefully my guitar playing improves. At the same time I am working on a tongue-in-cheek book where I will outline the gAesthetics of Anyhowh or the art theory of the eanyhowf principle of art making.

Lee Wen has been exploring different strategies of time-based and performance art since 1989. His work has been strongly motivated by social investigations as well as inner psychological directions using art to interrogate stereotypical perceptions of culture and society. He is a contributing factor in The Artists Village alternative in Singapore and had been participating in Black Market international performance collective.
He is co-organizer of gFuture of Imaginationh (2003), an international performance art event and gR.I.T.E.S.- Rooted In The Ephemeral Speakh (2009), a platform to support and develop performance art practices, discourse, infrastructure and audiences in Singapore. He has never been to Patagonia.

The Future of Imagination website: www.foi.sg