18-25 November 2002, Bangkok
28-30 Nov. 2002, Chiangmai,Thailand

Elvira Santamaria Torrens (Mexico)

November 30, 2002


Elvira Santamaria from Mexico, tried to run backward with high speed, until she fell many times. Then recited a poetic phrasing in Spanish while folding a red Baht 100 bank note to only the image of a king on the bank note. The image of the king then attached to a red triangular shape paper before sending it to float down the river of the king. When asked what she was recited, she said, this is only to be said in Spanish and you will understand this when you are in Mexico.
Elvira Santamaria, also perform in Chiangmai, with honey, mud ball, newspaper and long metal tube. She let the medal tube fall to the concrete floor a few times which created loud medal sound. In the middle of the space, she laid newspaper on the floor, where she poured honey and put mud ball in the center of the paper matted floor.
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