18-25 November 2002, Bangkok
28-30 Nov. 2002, Chiangmai,Thailand

Kaori Haba (Japan)

November 23, 2002

Kaori Haba from Japan, perform a very sensitive piece dealing with different sides of women. She began with images of migrant Thai women in her home town performed traditional dances. While she began to shave hairs on one side of her body, while covering the other side of her with black cloth. The shaved hair were then cover her face, before she began to paint her finger and toe nails on the shaved side. She took off her wrist watch and gold necklace, tied the watch on one end of the neck lace then slowly drop them into a glass of water infront of her. This intensely slow, quiet performance, all happened on one side of her body, while the other side covered in black cloth of all time.
She did another performance in Chiangmai, with a similar subject matter, but this time she blind folded herself and try to select women out of the unseen audients by touching each of their hands. She then climbed up the ladder which placed a fan beneath it, she tried to drop the women sign paper on the spot below, when the fan keep blowing it away. As a woman does she really feel that there is no choice of place for her.

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