18-25 November 2002, Bangkok
28-30 Nov. 2002, Chiangmai,Thailand

ARAI Shin-ichi (Japan)

November 23, 2002

Happy Japan!
Part 1 "I am a agent of exports " on the street

ARAI checked SEIKO watch of Japan and said thanks to shopkeeper

ARAI was in fornt of "Family Mart"of Japan

Happy Japan!
Part 2

Japan Pasport on the ass hole of ARAI

Arai Shin-ichi from Japan, cover his near naked body with Japanese goods brand names, walked down the street to the park. He then began to tell a story of his experience as a Japanese Government volunteer in Tanzania, which is an action of neo-colonization. He ended his act by stuffing his mouth with each page of Japaneseheroic nationalism comic book, and painted Japanese red sun flag by his ass. gDespite some people reported to the police, as he/she afraid Arai performance in the park could break the law and interfere our social Taboo, but I told the police that a Japanese artists expresses his criticism to Japanese politic and products, like we did to our politic and bad businesses. The policeman was satisfied with my answer and he left.h (Chumpon Apisuk report back to artists, 10/12/02)
In Arai performance in Chiangmai, he informed the audience about the piece he was about to perform was inspired by his experience in Bangkok, by EMPOWER members / performer Siriporn Sripen, and especially when she did in Patpong bar, he visited with other artists. The performance was a true story of himself and his girl friend in Tanzania, who has continue her work as sex worker after he left. He ran himself to the wall of the art center, several times, to broke 2 eggs and a banana he put in his underpants.

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