Jef Carnay (Manila,Philippines)
"Muted Requiem of the Bathing Ghost"

Jef Carnay (Manila,Philippines)
"Muted Requiem of the Bathing Ghost"

"Muted Requiem of the Bathing Ghost"
The spate of political killings is very disquieting and yet we remain silent.
We are being violated, our lives desecrated, we're treated as sub humans but all we do is watch and let it continue.
The state wash their hands clean by denying creating restless ghost that wonders around us, searching for justice.
Maybe there's no such thing as Ghosts but I am sure there are monsters that kill, kill, kills.
The performance is a silent composition of grief

Jet Carnay is a visual and performance artist. He showcases his works both in local and international events, festivals and exhibit.
He is a member of tutoK core and an active member of new world disorder. He is a convenor of the event "bulong"and the vocalist of
the band Earthhshfsh.

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